Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conspiracy of Silence (1994)

It's always interesting with obscure and controversial documentaries, and Conspiracy of Silence is one of the most obscure and talked-about. It was produced by Yorkshire Television in a co-production deal with Discovery Channel and was about the alleged Lawrence King-pedophile case that stunned US politics for a short while. Lawrence, or Larry, was a famous black republican who owned a bank, took a lot of money for his own purposes and also was a pedophile with sex-parties in his luxery home. He had a deal with Boy's Town, an organisation who's helping homeless or troubled boys to a new life, and some suspects they gave him boys after he supported them with a lot of money. 

This documentary claims that the pedophile-case led directly to the White House and with a lot of republicans and other right wing-people involved. But the film was never aired. It was pulled back by the channel and someone (it's said) payed a lot of money for all the material regarding the film, and just made it disappear. A couple of years later a copy surfaced, and it's that one that's out on torrents and on youtube now.

What's scary about it is that it's so serious. The proofs that are being delivered seems okey, and there's not the usual crazy stuff going on - but later one of the participants wrote a book claiming that satanism was involved in the orgies... so you can never know about the seriousness here. But anyway. It's a dry film, with facts and facts, investigation and it feels very real. What's even more absurd is how people got in jail for witnessing in the case, got killed in a plane crash or just denied everything. 

Like it never happen. 

It's a good documentary, but I'm not sure what to make of it. Truth or just another hoax? 

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