Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dying Breed (2008)

Little did Tobe Hooper and Kim Henkel know what would happen after their fantastic movie in 1974, you all know which one. There's been versions of TCM in most countries (expect Sweden of course, but that's no surprise) and one of the latest is Dying Breed, from the fantastic country of Australia. It took my some time to finish this movie, mostly because it's TO familiar set-up with a bunch of young people going out in the wilderness and meets some nice country folks. But when I finally got thru the first half hour, it turned better than I thought it would be.

The concept is Alexander Pearce, a famous criminal and cannibal that was hanged in 1824. In this movie there's still decendants of Perce living in Tasmania, closely connected to the Tasmanian tiger - the animal that our bunch of meat is out to take a photo of. The main character is Nina (Mirrah Foulkes), who goes to Tasmania together with her boyfriend Matt (Leigh Whannell) and a couple of friends to finish her dead sisters work about finding the tiger... what they don't know is that nice town (compared to other towns in other TCM-rips) is after their blood...

As I wrote above, it took my over one week to watch the first half hour. It's really nothing wrong with the movie. It's goodlooking, as nice actors and fun backstory, but it's also very generic storytelling with the same characters we've seen a thousand times before. But when you get use to that we have an okey little movie and some very nice gore-scenes, great locations and some mean-spirited ideas. Here and there you can feel the impact of (the superior) Wolf Creek, but most of the time it's a normal TCM-copy - but with more gore.

It's shot with a HD-camera, but it still has a little bit digital look. Nothing I worry about, but here it could have helped with a notch more of video-processing. But yes, it looks great and it's nothing to be scared away buy. The digital effecs, which are very few, are okey - but I've seen much better in cheaper movies. The gore- and make up-effects are great, realistic and bloody. This movie could well have my (from now on) favorite inbred redneck. His face is truly disturbing and for once we don't have to see the usual mongoloid eyes or hare-lipped mouth.

Another piece of modern ozploitation. Better than I thought from the beginning and give it a try if you feel for it.

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Patrick B said...

GNAW is another one in the ''TCM-rip-off-making-food-outta-people sub genre''

But it ain't good.