Friday, October 9, 2009

Children of the Corn 5: Fields of Terror (1998)

After a hard days work I prefer to go home, lay down on the sofa and watching something completely mindless. One of those movies is Children of the Corn 5: Fields of Terror, a movie that is almost (but only almost) a guilty pleasure for me. I guess it came in the wave of neo-slashers because it has a bunch of overaged teens going out in the countryside and getting killed one by one. I'm sure the script wasn't a Corn-script from beginning, but they rewrote it so it could be another sequel to the first not-so-classic Stephen King-movie.

What I like about it is that the script is totally... stupid. There's nothing smart och intelligent about the story, the kids are the usual killing machines and the you can see what's coming all the time. Yeah, you could call it crap, but it's entertaining crap anyway. First of all there's a couple of fun actors: David Carradine (that has two scenes, sitting in a chair and then die in gory way), Fred Williamson (three scenes and then die in a gory way), Ahmet Zappa (one scene and then die in a horrible way), Alexis Arquette (many scenes and then get's burned, drilled and finally blow to pieces) and Eve Mendez (and she's really bad, but I guess that's more because of the absurd character-development she has to do - from sex-bomb to religious fantatic in just a few hours!) And yes, the great Gary Bullock has a cameo and Diva Zappa plays one of the killer-kids! Ah, did I mention that Kane Hodder has a cameo to? And he does a good stunt to.

So it's a fun bunch of get-me-the-paycheck-actors to watch. The gore is nice to, and I like gore. Not as graphic or over-the-top as in part 3 (and thank mothrzokk this part dosen't have the final monster from part 3), but enough to satisfy me. The highlight is a The Thing-esque scene when a characters head splits open and reveals a fire-spurting demon that blows away the head of another character. Nice touch and easily the funniest kill-scene in the whole movie.

So at the end of the day this Corn-movie at least is entertaining and it helps you from thinking of the boring things in life. Well, it's so thin and stupid that it's hard not to think of the boring parts of life. Depressing thought to. Fuck. I need to see something with a meaning. Maybe next review. Next.

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