Friday, October 9, 2009

What people are searching for to get to my blog!

This is always fun to check. I had 546 different search words/meanings now, and I'm sure half of them was about Mia Engberg and the Dirty Diaries-collection I reviewed some time ago. So that was a popular review. Probably the most visited review on this blog. Strange how life can be ;) It's like on my old swedish blog where the Italian Stallion-review was and still is the most visited ever. 

Well well. Here's what people are looking for now, and I will try to give some answer and comments to these poor, confused souls.

- I won't deny that I've seen a lot of thaiass in my life. But I stayed away from mentioned that on my blog. But I hope that you found what you were looking for.

all sex scenes of the the mighty peking man
- For  mankinds sake, I hope you  aren't looking for actual sex scenes with the mighty peking man in action!

brad pitt takes on ninja
- That would be cool. Is there any ninjas in Inglorious Basterds?

did rutger hauer play satan
- Not what I know, but he played a lot of other gentlemen through his career.

porn dvd collection
- I can honestly say that I don't have any porn dvds. Except Caligula. And Dirty Diaries. And Thundercrack. And Silip But these are works of art. Not porn.

elephant dick
- Good luck.

is there nudity in the siege of firebase gloria 1989
- Yes,  if you really think that you will find sleazy hot nudity in a respected Vietnam-movie, you just need to visit a doctor. At least female hot sleazy nudity. Or dead bodies.

polska girl porn movies
- You are  way out in the wrong direction here. Go back to  where you belong.

will i ever be my old self again
- If you ask the mighty Internet-God about that, then I'm sure you will never be your old self again.

That's all folks!

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