Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tycus (1998)

Alrighty then! Don't we all like a good disaster movie? Everybody just says yes! But what we don't like is a bad disaster movie, and Tycus is a bad one. It's not the worst movie I've seen, but it's very uninspired and have the most moronic script I've seen since 2012! And when I mention 2012, Tycus is about a failed writer in a fucked up marriage discovers that the world will end - and that there's secret project, "ArcAngel", which is a modern Noahs ark where very rich people can buy themselves a room or two. So it's basically the same story, but shot with one tenth of the catering budget for 2012, and more than ten years earlier.

That was the story. Peter Onorati plays the hero, Jake Lowe, is quite good. He has a sense of humor and is not a bad actor. But the script is so terrible, with extremely stupid lines and character developments. I mean, Dennis Hopper plays a rich dude who reveals that the world will end because of a huge comet, Tycus, will hit the moon. No one believes him, and because he don't want to die he builds this underground complex and tries to save the world. To do this he get rich people to pay for the underground city. Fair enough. No one believed him, it's a private project and there's not enough room for the whole world anyway. But people still blames him to "play God", or being selfish and yadayadayada! He might be bit crazy, but he's been fair all the way - and the script have problems with letting him just be a nice guy trying to save the world and some people. Stupid.

But disaster movies is all about disasters, yeah? Well, here you'll have a stock footage-marathon of meteorites hitting earth, some earthquakes, volcanoes and shit - everything taken from Dantes Peak, some TV-movies that everyone forgotten about, the secret base in GoldenEye and so on. I have nothing against this, but it needs to be some original effects at least. Not just only stock footage.

Tycus is crap, but kinda entertaining crap. If you buy it on dvd, don't sue me.

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