Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pet Sematary II (1992)

Sequels to Stephen King-movies often cause a silly outrage in the horror community. They're not like me that loves DTV-sequels or sequels to "holy movies". Pet Sematary is considered to be one of the better horror movies based on a King-book, and I can agree it has some shock moments and a few scary seconds here and there. It's a well made movie. But it's never been close to my heart. I don't own it on DVD actually, but a movie I do own is the sequel Pet Sematary II, which might not be a better movie, but with a lot more entertainment and gore.

Edward Furlong (who by the way comes to Stockholm next weekend) plays Jeff, the son of a famous actress. When she dies in a freak accident during her latest horror movie he and his father is moving to a small town (guess which town?) to start a new life and get away from the busy LA. After a short while Jeff becomes friend with Drew, the chubby stepson of the town's evil sheriff Gus Gilbert (Clancy Brown). Gus kills Drews dog one night and of course he and Jeff goes to the pet cemetary to bury him... and soon hell is back in town again!

What I like about Pet Sematary II is that it's so over-the-top. There's more gore (though some of it probably was trimmed hard to get an R-rating, which is easy to notice), Clancy Brown as the mad sheriff and Furlongs character going slowly mad and starting to worship his dead mother in the attic. A lot of the gore is actually animal-gore, and it was a long time since I saw so many animals getting killed (or the aftermath) in movie. Everything fake of course, but it looks gross. Except that there's some shoulder drilling, one exploding head, squibs, motorcross-tire against face (which you don't see much of at all) and a lot of other nasty little surprises.

Mary Lambert is back behind the camera and as usual I like her work. Maybe there's more style than substance, but at least I don't get bored. Furlong is doing what he do best: the boy from Terminator 2, and Jason McGuire is excellent as Drew, the stepson of the sheriff. Clancy Brown and Anthony Edwards is always good, so what we have here is a very solid cast of actors.

Not bad at all, that's my final word on this movie.

More homophobic threats

The man calling himself Lage, named after the father of my best friend when I was young, is back. It's interesting how something like this, me being gay I guess, can be so provoking. I'm sure it's either Lage Eckeskog himself, so thought the police anyway, or maybe Harry Thunong - another person from my past. But it really dosen't matter who it is. Nothing he wrote before has been true, that he's living in the same building as me and G or that he would send my adress and name to the local nazis. Just empty words as usual.

I can't say I'm upset, not really surprised either, it's just fact of life: there's idiots everywhere, and here's just another one.

"So I like your new blog... I see you and your polish whore still live together. I guess you pay him a lot so he can fuck you in the ass, right?

I can come and punish you some day, punish you by fucking you in the ass with alt, real hard salt. Think you would like that you sperm bear.

Kind regards yours

/Daddy Lage"

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grand Slam (1967)

This is one of those movies that sounds cool, looks cool, has a great dvd-release from Blue Underground and probably is a hell of a movie - but you never buy it or see it. A pity, because Grand Slam one of the best heist-movies I've seen. I'm not just talking about the stylish way they made this movie, but also the tight script and spot-on characters. Anyway. Edward G. Robinson plays Professor Anders, just retired from a long teaching-career in Rio. And he has a fantastic plan to make some money finally. He goes to his friend, New York-gangster Mark Milford (Adolfo Celi) and get's the men to execute his master plan: to steal a bag full of diamonds!

Milford suggests four of the best for the plan: Erich Weiss (Klaus Kinski), a brutal and military-type german who might be gay, french gigolo Jean-Paul Audry (Robert Hoffmann), the kind italian toymaker Agostino Rossi (Riccardo Cucciolla) and english butler, and safe-expert, Gregg (George Rigaud). They meet up in Rio and starts preparing for the most daring heist ever.

Jean-Paul's job is to get a key from the stiff and cold Mary Ann (Janet Leigh), who works for the diamond-company and he will deliver that in time for the break-in, who also is planned during the big carnivale in Rio...

Nothing is at it seems in Grand Slam, and I'm happy to say that this is a smart and extremely gorgeous heist-movie. You know, a movie only an italian crew could make during the sixties. All actors are great here, but Kinski is make one of the best parts in his career. For once, during this period, he plays one of the heroes and makes a strong performance with a lot of layers. I'm not sure about the gay-thing actually, but there's something in his behavior towards Jean-Paul that gives me this suspicion: how he eyes him, calling him handsome and pretty boy (though this could just be to tease him) and being very hostile to him because his job is to seduce a woman.

Grand Slam is also finally with some clever visual effects, some that works better than the others. My favorite is the laser-beams in the big safe, which of course is a physical effect built in the studio, but works very fine. It's not without action either, but the story and characters are the important thing, so the explosions and car-chase is just a small detail on the road.

I'm happy I finally bought this movie to my collection, because it's a fab release from Blue Underground and a wonderful movie with a lot of suspense and more than one twist...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Brutal River (2005)

I think Anat Yuangngern first movie, the over-the-top Curse of the Sun was a very entertaining and ultra-violent action/horror-movie with zombie-gangsters and lots of cheesy and gory b-action. He tried to do something else with his next movie, Brutal River, and I can't say I'm impressed. Visually it's a nice movie, with classy cinematography and some okey actors, but Anat really fucked up the direction and editing. This true story (so they say anyway) about a killer-croc eating villagers could have been a lot of fun, but something went wrong. I think Anat just wanted to be serious after his last movie, and that was a big mistake.

The script, a very thin script I should say, follows the unlucky bastards that lives in small village in the Chumporn province. One day a crocodile (or alligator?) show up and starts to chew the actors and scenery. One by one some idiot is killed by the monster, fishermen, flirting boyfriends, the girlfriend of the new police, some old chef, two holy men and some other fools. Until they send for the military, who kills it. That's it, nothing more. There's no fun characters, not much gore, not much monster and too much romantic scenes in slow-motion. The bodycount is actually quite high, but everything is so lifeless.

So what went wrong? It's a god damn thai-movie with a killer-crocodile? Well, like I wrote above, Anat Yuangngern tries to be grown up and make something that will send him into the thai movie history. He failed so big! The good looking cinematography don't help at all, and the music is just annoying. Most of the croc-action is CG, which I don't mind at all and a few shots here and there are animatronics... but where's the gore? Where's the excitement? Not in this movie anyway.

But the worst thing, the thing that makes this movie really, really, really annoying is... the use of fade to black. I have NEVER seen a movie that uses fade to black so many times than this movie. It uses fade from black a couple of times to, but those fade to black... God, you just have to see it to believe it. There's so much fade to black that I thought I was going blind at least a couple of times during the movie!

No, this wasn't the brilliant silly killer croc-movie I wanted it to be, and it's nothing worse than a boring creature feature.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chaibancha in Bangkok

Some memories from my meeting with Thailands leading Chaibancha-expert. I don't know his name, but there's a photo of a newspaper-clipping to where his name probably is. So If someone reads thai, I would be very happy to know what's the name of this gentleman is.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Today's shopping - part 2!

Okey, it's been a hard month without movies... so here is what I ordered after my first shopping-spree this morning.

From, an excellent site by the way, I got not more than four thai "kaiju"-movies!

Yuk Wat Jang Pob Jumbo A
Hanuman VS 5 Masked Riders
The Noble War
Hanuman VS 7 Ultraman

All of these are directed by Sompote Sands, which sounds like a filmmaker in my taste. Read more about his work at Wise Kwai and at Die, DAnger, Die, Die, Kill!

Today's shopping

A couple of thai-movies from, check their homepage for more info about these movies:

Phom mai yak pen phan
Aowasaan In See Dang
Talum Bon
Tah tian
Meu Peun: Remastered Edition
Phra rod mae ree

All of them, except Unhuman, are vintage thai genre-movies - mostly action and a two monster/sci-fi movies. And only two of them has english subtitles to. But what the f**k, I need them. I think so anyway.

From I also bough Tidal Wave, the big budget South Korean disaster-movie. Looks like good old disaster-fun.

As usual DDDhouse offered some nice movies to:

Village of Eight Gravestones
Beach of the War Gods
Portrait in Crystal

So far today it's only been asian movie, so we'll see what happens during the rest of the day :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Mutants of Nightmare City - part 5

This mutant isn't afraid to get a cold. Because when a juicy nurse is running right out in the  pond at the hospital area, he gladly follows her for a swim. By the way, isn't this The Toxic Avanger? Or maybe some close relative?

I first thought we had the first asian mutant  ever, but I guess we're dealing with a mexican mutant. Not bad at all.

With that jack in the chin he's probably the most handsome mutant out there. Always get's the girls, like this one, and was born with a silverbullet in his brain. No wait, silverspoon. Or... fuck it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mannen från Mallorca (1984)

Bo Widerberg is the director behind the masterpiece Mannen på Taket, the internationally recognized swedish thriller från 1976. It's a fantastic movie, and I consider it to be the best swedish movie ever, and absolutely one of the best europan thrillers of the seventies. Eight years later Widerberg was back with a new cop-movie, that could have been a sequel. It's not though, but it has more or less the same actors, same style, political views, criticism towards the police and government and it's also a real nailbiter! Based on a book by Leif GW Persson, who was involved in one of the biggest political scandals in Sweden when our attorney general Lennart Geijer payed for underaged prostitutes. Here we have one of the few real conspiracys in Sweden, where the swedish prime minister, chief of police and a lot more people just lied to cover it up.

Mannen från Mallorca is based on this premise. There's a smart and coldblooded post robbery in Stockholm. The robber get's away, but is seen by a couple of witnesses. A policeman, Johansson (Tomas Von Brömssen) chases the robber and only see the back of him, but this back is something that he can't forget. He and his colleague Jarnebring (Sven Wollter, who also plays the old viking king in the underrated The 13th Warrior) continues to investigate the robber and finds out that the robber actually is working for the Swedish Security Service (SÄPO) and that he has an alibi that's hard to refuse, no other than the attorney general! But why is he protecting a simple security police?

To be honest, there's only three good cop movies every made in Sweden. Mannen på taket, Mannen från Mallorca and I Lagens Namn. That's it. The swedish people loves their police movie and there's hundreds of them, but all dung and shit and crap. Just believe me, it's true. Mass produced for an audience of idiots. Why these three are good are because they have depth, they dare to criticize, to kick up and not down. Widerberg was a true humanist and cared of people, though he could literary walk over people to get his will done. Here he made a ultra-realistic thriller, with an army of fine performances from the swedish acting-elite. But he also, as usual, uses amateurs, people who works at the locations are playing themselves. He casts, for the second time, his old lady neighbour Karin Bergstrand in a very funny part (she played the lady with the cookies in Mannen på Taket), real alcholics and real cops. But he also injects some very swedish humour, political discussions and one of the most cynical endings I've ever seen.

For us swedes, or at least those who live in Stockholm, this is a wonderful movie to spot locations in. It's filmed everywhere in Stockholm, and Widerbergs habit to shoot on real locations and therefore moves around in real directions, makes you even more "in" the story. All over the movie there's actors (for example swedish magician Johnny Lonn in a cameo, future comedian Johan Rheborg in a small part) and other familiar faces you recognize. The polician with a habit visiting prostitutes is even played by Hans Villius, a very wellknown TV-personality and not an actor. Thomas Hellberg (also seen in Mannen på taket in a bigger part) has a small role here as a real son-of-a-bitch. Something that became reality many years alter when he got involved in a child-molesting case.

This is tense thriller, with a couple of good chases, lot's of conspiracy and even a few murders here and there. But like Mannen på Taket it never looses track of reality. This is based on real events, not the robbery, but the sex-scandal that's behind everything. He's kinder in the movie, where the prostitute is a grown up woman who enjoys sado-masocistic sex with the high ranking politician and not an underaged little girl like it was in reality. I heard people say that Mallorca is a lesser movie, but I would say it's at least as good as Taket. It dosen't have the same amount of blood and action, but the script is tight aren't afraid to let the good guys loose in the end...

A masterpiece of swedish cinema. It's a damn shame it's not out with english subtitles.

Friday, November 20, 2009

En Röst i Mörkret (1968)

Il dolce corpo di Deborah is a more fancy title, but because this is the first DVD ever (I think) of this italian thriller, I will stick with the swedish title. Fin De Siècle Media is back again after a long wait and delivers a laidback giallo which belongs more to the Roald Dahl tradition of storytelling than a typical fanboy-version of what they expect a giallo to be.

Romolo Guerrieri directs a story of love, sex and revenge, and it begins in Geneva. Jean Sorel is a hunky italian, Marcel, who are on a honeymoon trip with his wealthy American wife Deborah, played by the great Caroll Baker. In Geneva they run in to Philip (Luigi Pistilli), and old friend of Marcel but he claims that Marcel is the reason that Suzanne (Ida Galli) killed herself a couple of years back. Marcel haven't told Deborah about this before, but explains everything to her. Before they leave Geneva, Marcel notices that Deborah have met Philip at a nearby restaurant, but she says it was because she wanted to talk about it and make Philip stop it. They continue the trip to Nice, but something is wrong, and is Philip still following them...? Or is everything just the imagination of Deborah? Or Marcel?

I've heard that Lenzi directed a similar movie the same year, with the same actors, but I haven't seen it so I can't say if that one is better than this - but I guess that's is the case. Lenzi is a more stylish director than Guerrieri, and has a stronger fascination for sadism and violence. But this is far from a bad movie. The plot is good and it's never boring, but a bit slow. But when nothing's happen, there's always a fun disco-scene or something else to be entertained by. And by "something else", I mean a trippy two-person game of Twister! Probably the weirdest (and out-of-place) scene in the whole movie.

Jean Sorel is an old favourite of mine, both handsome and a good actor, and Caroll Baker is convincing as Deborah, though the character is a bit underwritten. The character reacts in a strange way, and her supposed descent into a nervous breakdown (she takes pills for her nerves), but it's built up too fast and never seem to belong in the storyline. Ida Galli is cool and beautiful in the flashbacks and Luigi Pistill is a good bad guy - and with that look it's almost like he was born to be a bad guy!

Fin De Siècle Media has releases, with the help of distributors Njuta Film, an anamorphic DVD. It has an english language track and forced swedish subtitles. The print is uneven. Some parts are darker and grainer, while most of it looks quite good. The sound is clear, but at once point a word is missing from the track, which I don't know is a technical problem or just that the english dub is different than the italian one. There's some scratches, especially in the beginning of the movie. For me this doesn't mean anything really, because it's a fairly obscure movie and it looks way much better than the old Skåne Video-release I owned once.

This is a story driven giallo without any bloody murders or to nasty sexual situations, but don't be scared. It's a good movie with some nice twists and cool actors. A must in the collection. So, Fin De Siècle Media, bring on the next release! I'm ready!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Super Typhoon (2008)

A couple of days ago I reviewed Thailands own disaster movie Tsunami 2022, which was far from the best movie in the genre I've seen. Today it's time for Super Typhoon, China's own ultraexpensive mega-movie for the masses! Could it be worse than the one from Thailand? Absolutely not! This might be a one huge propaganda movie for the communist party, but it's a good movie to - not perfect, but I'll come to that soon.

Blue Whale is the name of the super typhoon heading for one of China's smaller cities, with just over one million people living in it. The Mayor is a nice guy, honest and fair and organizes that evacuation of the city, with the help of an old woman, his teacher from school. Her father died in 1956 in the last biggest typhoon and she's a stubborn woman that know she's correct. But some people dosen't want to leave the city, we have the fishermen of course that are afraid that their boats will be destroyed, and also a man trying to get to his wife that's giving birth for the first time.

The mayor tries to talk the fishermen into following him to safety, but together they get stuck in the middle of the typhoon!

Super Typhoon is first and most a propaganda movie for the people, the politics and culture of China. Nothing bad with the, but like Tsunami 2022 it can get a bit like parody insteady. Here it's working better, mostly because of a higher class of actors and more impressive effects. The script is serious and actually very nice and not so controversial at all. Everybody helps each other, in the name of China. The most surprising thing (mostly because it's a disaster movie) is that no one dies. Not even the dog (he get's united with his owner in slow-motion on a beach in the end!). Because of the censorship rules in China, everyone is suppose to be able to watch a local movie - so that's why it's very tame in the way of dying and hurting people. But that dosen't stop the typhoon of course!

Here we have a delicious throwback to the golden age of the sixties and seventies. The city (which feels more like the lower, harbor-part, of the city) is destroyed in all it's glory with some nice (and some crappy) miniatures. Houses get's flushed away, boats and cars are flying everywhere and it's big and looks damn cool. Here the movie also shows it's limitations in effects, because it's the same cars, boats and trucks being tossed around in every scene! The highlight is when a big, big boat crushes into a warehouse where the mayor and his friends are hiding, and let's in a KILLER SHARK! Of course the shark get's it with a collective attack from our proud chinese gang of survivors! The digital effects it's quite good to, especially when they are used to integrate real people within the miniatures.

It's not a bad movie. But it lacks the raw energy that disaster movies often have. But it's well acted has cool effects, a killer shark, some nice messages about Taiwan (it's mentioned that the mayor had fun with some taiwanese businessmen for example), about internet (but also that it could be bad to meet your internet friends) and about helping each other.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Project Viper (2002)

Jim Wynorski is back! This time with a TV-movie from 2002, Project Viper, starring once hot up-and-coming Patrick Muldoon and veteran Tim Thomerson. It's out on a nice swedish dvd, but is that treatment worth watching the movie? So I found the dvd in my giantic collection and gave it a spin! Some astronauts are going to Mars, but they have hardly left the earth when something goes terrible wrong. The secret NASA-experiment, Viper, get's from it's containment and kills everybody and makes the ship crash. It's a liquid lifeform that can go everywhere and both take the shape of soft objects and hard ones... and it grows even more by eating humans!!! Muahahah. Or something.

Though it's quite low on action, it's a slick and often well made movie. The effects are okey, and there are some nice liquid-monster mayhem and at least one good killing. But most of that happens in the last twenty minutes. Most of the time is spent looking for the creature, having hip conversations and dealing with some thiefs that has stolen a sample of Viper from a lab. Patrick Muldoon goes on routin, but Tim Thomerson is the best - and sports! a huge moustache to. It's also fun to see a movie where it shows that Wynorski can direct. I knew that of course, but often he has to little budget to do something really good.

This is also one of those movies that has stockfootage in it to make the story and action look bigger. It's not much here actually, just a car chase from Species and some airplane-footage from Air American (which also stars Tim Thomerson by the way) and it's nicely integrated into the rest of the story. If I didn't know I would have been fooled. 

Not a bad little timewaster, but of course far away from being a masterpiece of any kind. But I liked it, if that means something.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tsunami 2022 (2009)

I usually have no problem with patrotic movies from Thailand. They are alway patriotic in a humble way, and always try to learn the audience that no one is perfect and that every human being is worth something. So is not the case with Tsunami 2022, a slightly (not even that really) futuristic movie about the threat of a huge tsunami threatening Bangkok in the year 2022.

We follow a bunch of stereotypes: a young man who are afraid of the water after his parents died in the tsunami 2004, an old scientist that lost his son in that tsunami, the heroic and stoic prime minister, the evil politician that wants to take his place, the son of the evil politician who's even more evil and are rebuilding a small island to a giant casino and bla bla bla. And yes, there is a lot of female characters to, but they are so badly written that it's hard to tell one from another. Of course the heroes believes that a giant tsunami will hit Thailand, but the evil ones dosen't believe them. Until it happens in the last half hour.

As a disaster movie it's nothing new, and the concept with a futuristic Bangkok falls flat. The only thing showing it's a futuristic city is an enormous golden Buddah-statue standing in the water outside the city, which in the end results in of the silliest scenes in the movie. But I can stand stereotypes, if they are written with some kinda love and maybe self-distance. Here there's just stereotypes. The prime minister is so heroic and GOOD that it's absurd. There's absolutely nothing wrong with him, and in the end he alone saves 20-30 kids from a sinking schoolbus! And when he floats away, he get caught in the golden Buddhas hand and together they float up to the surface, the Buddha on two legs and with the sunshine coming through the clouds! Yeah, there's no doubt that he's Buddha reborn. On the other side we have the EVIL EVIL EVIL capitalistic politician who also happens to be GAY with a taste for toyboys, and there's no doubt here that he's gay is a part of his evilness. To take the other characters serious is also hard, because one of them, a hunky native fisherman, have a tribal tatoo that's being washed away everytime he get's near water and the old scientist has the biggest and most fakest beard I've seen for many years. Small things, but because the movie is so serious this just dosen't fit in.

But the main thing is the disaster, yeah? It's quite a big disaster. Bangkok get's drowned by the huge tsunami, trains and cars are flying everywhere, buildings break and people get flushed away - the boring thing is that they obviously didn't have so much money (or the lack of technology) to make it realistic. I have nothing against computer animation, I love it, but here it looks very crappy. There's a few shots during the big finale that looks fine and gives some credibility to the disaster, but the rest is mediocre. This is a movie only for disaster-freaks like myself.

It's been a Tidal Wave-year for asian disaster movies. First we had 252: Signal of Life from Japan in 2008, Haenudae from South Korea and Super Typhoon from China. All big, fat disaster flicks with a lot of hype and money behind them. I will review them all, but for now Tsunami 2022 was the worst. So I hope I have three better movies ahead of me. Wish me luck.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Edward Woodward R.I.P...

Edward Woodward died today, the 16th of November. He was 79 years old. I can probably say without any hesitation that Edward was one of the best actors from the UK ever. Ever. He was one of those that could naturally, and there was never any doubt that he acted. He WAS that character.

For many, and for me, he's immortalized in The Wicker Man. One of the best movies ever made, and with a stunning performance by him as the innocent, and somewhat naive, police officer coming to Summerisle to investigate the disappearance of a little girl. A character Nicolas Cage ripped apart in his turkey-performance in the remake.

Rest in peace, man.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Mutants of Nightmare City - part 4

If you want to get fast and great service, don't go to this famous gas station. The place where our heroes stop to drink some coffe until the next gang of mutants arrives. This is the leader, I think. I guess he was upset that they didn't pay for the coffe.

The legendary meatball-mutant. Jocke claims he's getting hungry everytime he sees this fella, and I can understand. He looks like something only your dear mother could cook. Yummy!

This mutant has, what we say in sweden, a "moppe-mustasch", which means a lame kinda of mustasch that often teenagers have, especially them who drives a moped. He's also a garden-guy and hangs around until he finds someone to eat.

Two revealing screenshots from Bloodline

A couple of days ago I was reviewing Bruce Burgess entertaining pseudoarchaeology-documentary about the bloodline of that Jesus-guy. In this movie he interviews and excavate together with a strange man who's calling himself Ben Hammott, who claims he discovered the tomb of Mary Magdalene. Fair enough. Whatever turns you on.

But then I noticed a small detail. Check this first screenshot:

It's Mary in her tomb, she's wrapped in a templars flag and are lying on a big red marble plate with white stripes in it. To film this they attached a smaller camera to a long stick and inserted it into a small hole in the cave.

The next clip is this when Ben and Bruce is discussing their finding in Ben's kitchen, here's a screenshot:

Do you see it?

Yes, Ben Hammott has the same kind of red marble stone all over his stove. Sure, it could be a coincidence, but for me it's a little bit to... much of a coincidence :) To me it just seems that he got some left over marble from either building the kitchen or the tomb, and decided to save some money.

Watch the movie and judge for yourselves.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Dead Don't Talk (1970)

From Onar Films comes The Dead Don't Talk, a gothic haunted house story from Turkey. I started to watch it earlier this year, but gave up after ten minutes. But I alway try to give a movie a new try, and this time I made it! The first ten minutes are a bit uneven, and it looks very cheap, but as soon as things are starting to happening it became quite good.

A young couple is coming to an old house, where the owner recently died. The only person there is a tall, weird servant who seem to be in grief about his dead love. The first night a dead guy in a long coat, hat and with a bizarre laugh, stumbles in and kills the couple - which was a bit surprising because I expected they would be the leading couple - and the story starts all over again, a new couple and the dead guys is getting more people to kill!

This is a classic gothic ghost-story, with a living dead guy taking out revenge. Or... I'm not sure, it could be that a demon has taken over his body to or something like that. Anyway, that dosen't matter. It's a movie with a very low budget, but the creative persons behind the production, shows up a lot of style and talent with creating a cool ghost house out of nothing. They work a lot with shadows, mirrors and a lot of stolen music from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Rosemary's Baby! Some stuff is really good, and especially the mirror scenes which creates an eeire confusion in storytelling. 

The actors just act, say their lines, but some of the women do a good job looking scared. The guy playing the zombie is a blast. He's having the time of his life with a loud manical laughter and stuff walk. He have a tendency to open his mouth very much, which looks spooky when he stands outside windows trying to get in. As usual this is no masterpiece, but way better than I expected from the beginning.

And yes, the english title is a bit contradictory, because the dead guy talks a lot!

The Mutants of Nightmare City - part 3

I always call these the soccer-mutants because they belong to that large group of mutants that's running around on a big field - and I always pretending they're playing soccer.

Don't we all need a man who can handle the elevator-machinery sometimes? Yes we do, and these mutants are happy mutants because they get to eat, and he get to work.

If they only knew! One day the best friend, the next day an angry mutant wanting to kill and suck blood.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Protector (1985)

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Månguden will FINALLY arrive on DVD!

According to a comment (by someone anonymous) on my old swedish blog, the legendary swedish TV-slasher Månguden will finally, finally arrive on DVD!

This is fantastic news! Probably the best news this year! For you who don't know what this is: Månguden is the most legendary swedish movie production ever! Made for TV and still is talked about in the swedish horror community. It scared the shit out of many people during the two times it was shown on television in the late eighties.

I'm one of many that's been hunting for this movie for years. I had contact with the composer (who died during our mail-conversation), the producer, the director and the cinematographer - but no one could find a copy.

The news is here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kilink vs Superman (1967)

Merhaba! There's something special with these turkish, quite naive, adventure-flicks. I can't say we have masterpieces here (except Tarkan vs The Vikings of course), but the charm and happy style of filmmaking really get's to me. In this first Kilink-sequel, directed by Yilmaz Atadeniz, our mastermind of crime is fighting a guy who look like a combination between Batman and Superman. He has tights on and fake muscle under them. Cool. 

A part of the movie is missing (and that part looks cool!), so it's a quite short production, around fifty minutes, and filled with playful action and cartoon-characters doing their stuff. The action is fast paced, as usual in these movies, and with a few seconds of slapstick here and there. Kilink is a an very evil guy, but he always have half naked women around him and they all just love him!

I'm don't want to write about the story. They fight each other. Kilink has a deadly laserbeam or something that he will use to take over the world. He also has a private island where he has a lot of women and other bad guys, and of course an underground laboratory! The Onar release is part of a double bill, and the movie probably look as good as it can do nowdays. It's very scratchy and in bad shape, but watchable and dosen't take away the enjoyment of the movie. 

The style of the movies reminds more and more of those old american serials, or maybe even the wilder silent productions from the beginning of the movie-history. Like those, this is made to entertain and nothing more. I don't know about you out there, but that's my kind of entertainment!

Bloodline (2008)

Bruce Burgess has made a lot of speculative documentaries. He always "forgets" to bring up the critical points of the subject, but at least his stuff is never boring. I've seen Dreamland before, an entertaining piece about Area 51, and now he's investigation the famous bloodline-theory.What's the Bloodline you ask? It's the theory that Mary Magdalene and maybe Jesus himself travelled to France after the crucifiction (he survived or at least they took his dead body to France) to hide there.

It's a cool idea and as an atheist that believes that there wasn't any resurrection from the dead or whatever, it's extra fun! We follow Bruce Burgess from the US, England and France. He interviews researchers and people who claim they are involved in the conspiracy. The last person he meets is Ben Hammott, a man who says he discovered the ancient tomb with the body of Mary! And he has proof and Bruce continues to search together with him. And it get's quite spectaular actually...

This is a very speculative documentary that never fails to bore you. I'm sure the documentary itself isn't a mockmentary (I heard that some people believe that), but if the people in it are telling the truth - that's a whole other discussion. Bruce and his team uncovers a lot of interesting facts and physical proof that there is a hidden grave in this french area, and it's almost like a "real" Indiana Jones-mystery. Or at least Dan Brown-book. But this Ben Hammott... well, I don't know. It's almost TO good to be true. It's really like from a movie, and not from the real world. But they find the tomb, they find relics, they find a body and so on. But anyone could have put this stuff there I guess. At the same time Bruce is getting warned to not investivate further, a person they're gonna interview dies and so on. Maybe it's just a big hoax so Ben Hammott (an anagram of The Tombman by the way) could get some attention?

So, should you see it? Yes, of course. If you're not one of those people with out a sense of humour who can't stand the fact that some people choose to see everything one way. Most people out there seem to believe in something supernatural, so if you believe in that you should be able to buy this. I'm not sure. Like I wrote above, it's to good to be true. A funny detail is that there's something that made me loose faith in Ben Hammott... and I will take a screenshot sooner or later of what it is that I react to. It's nothing, but it's to big of a coincidence for me to let it go.

I'll be back.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thirsty of love, sex and murder (1972)

I was a little upset about something that Bill at Onar Films wrote, but after understand what I meant I felt for watching something from his company. I started to watch Kilinik vs Superman, and I will write something about that one tomorrow. But I also wrote a comment about another great movie from Onar Films, and I'm publishing it here again for you to read. 

Thirsty of love, sex and murder was probably the wildest murder mystery I've seen for a very long time. Except the language, it could have been italian. Filled with a lot of sleaze, some blood, the most chaotic mix of music I've ever heard and actually a lot of good acting. I like giallos, but I like serious realistic giallos, and not those kitchy movies with more style than story. But this was a kitch movie I enjoyed a lot!

What I understand it's more or less a turkish remake of The Turkish Vice Of Mrs. Wardh, a movie I haven't seen, but probably could help me understand the plot of this one.

I was surprised about the amount of nudity, especially because Turkey is a muslim country and is more conservative with these things... (but as Jack once commented, Turky is one of the most relaxed muslim countries out there) but it seems like the seventies was the wildest decade for everyone. Sure, the print was not be best, which is okey for me, but it still had some nice cinematography and (most of the time) tight editing.

The last twenty minutes where so filled with twists and turns that I'm really not sure what happen. But I think I know who the killer was. Or, no... I'm not sure.

Yes, a short recommendation - but something you have to buy!

Prophecy (1979)

After talking about it for a while Jocke decided to watch Prophecy again, and after his review I just had to watch it again myself. Because this is probably THE BEST killer-bear movie ever made. Yes, even better than William Girdlers Grizzly, and that proofs a lot. Not that it's a movie that's been loved during the years, more the opposit. Even John Frankeheimer, the director, didn't care much of it.

Robert Foxworth plays a doctor, a humitarian, that get's a job investigation a pulp factory and how it interacts with the nature and people around the area. The indians are, of course, very upset and are also blamed for a couple of very brutal murders in the forests. They're claiming it's a demon, a spirit, doing the killings - but the truth is something else: a mutated giant bear!!!

I guess the movie works so good because Frankenheimer knows what he's doing. The first part is a bit slow, but the atmosphere and actors are good and the conflict is something that you as the audience care about. I've always thought that Armand Assante was a good actor, and he's doing fine as an indian here. But Robert Foxworth and Talia Shire as his wife are the main and best characters in the whole movie. Richard Dysart, a wonderful character-actor, so good to. But the main star is the Kaiju-style giant bear stomping around in the forest, crushing people (including children), ripping their heads of and being quite nasty actually. Frankenheimer cut the movie before it was released, and it looses a lot of blood and gore - but it's far from what we would consider PG today. I think it's quite brutal sometime, and the sleeping bag-killing is a classic.

The bear-costume is a bit silly. It's a bit rubbery to. But it works because of the good direction and and the brutality. I guess the slick production of the rest of the movie helps getting more power to the killer-bear to.

We're many that love this movie and I hope it someday someone will unleash a big, fat, mutated special edition of it!

The Mutants of Nightmare City - part 2

There's better screenshots of this fella, but this is the one for me. He's obsessed by the  TV-camera and stands there looking... looking... looking... Maybe he think he's in some kind of mutant-reality soap?

This mutant loves to suck on breasts. It's almost a little bit annoying after a while. At least for his victims. He makes the right choice with attacking the TV-studio though, because everyone is almost halfnaked there. Make's life so much easier.
Every italian movie from the eighties had to a have a random black guy in it to broaden it's appeal. He dosen't do much than staring and walking a few steps, so I guess he newer became that Reginald VelJohnson-lookalike he always wanted to be.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Mutants of Nightmare City - part 1

You all know my obsession with Umberto Lenzi masterpiece Nightmare City. The mutants (some call them zombies, but that is of course wrong) are like family nowdays. There's hundreds of them in the movie, but I've chosen a couple of them - some of the more important and interesting creations - and will present them here on the blog. I'm not sure how many parts this will be, but just keep an eye open until the next part of The Mutants of Nightmare City will be published!

This big-eyed creature is one of the mutants in the infamous TV-show attack. I still don't know if we should thank them of stopping one of the most awful dance routines ever committed to television?

This guy is quick to eat and suck on his victim after his friend has done all the hard work. At least he looks very enthusiastic.

Armed with a dagger and lot's of jokes, this guy down in the basement is always a welcome sight at his friends parties and other social gatherings. He have the honor to always cut the first piece of eye.

And thanks to Pax Romano who wrote the blogpost that inspired me to this journey into Nightmare-land.