Sunday, December 20, 2009

At last, I ordered the Bronx Warriors Trilogy!

I don't like to do my shopping at unknown "streets", and HMV was new to me. But they had this silly exlusive tin box of The Bronx Warriors 1 and 2 (and also New Barbarians) and I need it desperately!

It was ages since I saw part 1, and then it was on a swedish x-rental. Part 2 is a brilliant action movie, but I've only seen the swedish CUT version missing a lot of fantastic violence. So this will be a very nice box for me.

But of course, New Barbarians isn't the third movie at all. It's the same producer and director. Castellari was planning to do a real part 3 during the eighties, but it never happen - which is very sad. 

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