Monday, December 14, 2009

Finally Iron King

I've been thinking for a long while to buy Iron King - The Complete Series, but it wasn't until last week when Jocke mention to me how cheap the collection was at Amazon (from private sellers of course), and quickly decided to buy it. I chose the wrong shipping and was expecting it in like eight weeks, but it arrived today.

I'm pretty sure I will love it. Ultraman is the best thing to watch a boring day, Message From Space: Galactic Battle is FANTASTIC and as soon as Mill Creek re-releases Super Robot Red Baron I will get that one to. 

The japanese sure could produce fun sci-fi shows for the whole family, even a swedish nerd like me.


Andreas said...

I have the BCI Ultraman and Iron King boxes, and am also still waiting to find Super Robot Red Baron at a reasonable price... But I haven't seen Message From Space: Galactic Battle! Do you know if it's available on DVD?

Ninja Dixon said...

Andreas: What I've heard there's no english-friendly version of Message from Space: Galactic Battle, so what I have is a french box - dubbed to french and with no subtitles! :/ I guess there's a japanese box to, but no english what I know.

Great show by the way!

David A. Zuzelo said...

I'm a big fan of this show, I actually prefer it over Ultraman (blasphemy, I know!)-enjoy! The Red Baron show is great also. I just wish we had an English friendly JUMBORG ACE-that is my favorite of them all!

Ninja Dixon said...

David: I think it's a jungle out there with all these shows, but I will begin with the stuff that's easy to find.

I wonder when Ultra Q will be unleashed to us non-japanese speaking people? :)

Jack J said...

On a slightly unreleated note; I've just bought Message From Space (the movie) on old Ex-rental. Yay!