Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Ruggero Deodato Experience 2009

Ruggero Deodato was really the best thing with the convention this year. He wasn't the biggest star for most people (they where stalking some silly Twilight-star instead), so we had Ruggero for ourselves a lot :)

He was so far the most friendly, generous, funny and social guest I've ever met at a convention. He loved the fans and was very talkative. We had a chance to talk more than a little bit and we exchanged contact-information to. Here's a couple of photos, signed stuff and even a video :)

Ruggero had to show his daughter how much these girls looked like Hanna Montana :)

The master followed us to the SubDVD-table where SEO (from Studio S) and Nicolas (from Njuta Films) sold their releases.

Here Ruggero is signing a photo-reproduction of the Atlantis Interceptors-poster for me (or maybe it was for Calle, I don't remember now).

Of course I took a photo together with Ruggero Deodato and he signed two other photos for me:

Here's something VERY nerdy: Ruggero tried to explain to me how the bus in Atlantis Interceptors broke down during the filming, and of course he gave me the sketch and signed it also :) This will be put in a frame, guaranteed!

And finally, of course I took some video during the looooong wait for the photos we took with him, and I put it on YouTube for you all to watch and admire ;) Here you can see it and be a bit jealous ;)


Den Lekande Människan said...

He He, I saw you at the convention! I realize this now, when I see the picture of you =)
I was the Mad Hatter.

And I agree - Mr Ruggero was very friendly!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I missed it this time. I talked with a friend of mine of which old Cult-stars you would like to meet, and we both had the same answer. Nothing to do with Sci-fi movies but Bud Spencer and Terence Hill should be invited to some kind of filmfestival =) It would be a riot =)

Ninja Dixon said...

Den Lekande Människan: AHA! It was you! ;) My friend Anneli said that you was the tallest Mad Hatter she's ever seen! :D

Did you get something signed?

Anonymous: There will be more occasions I hope! Spencer and Hill would be a dream, but I guess that's to much to hope for :/

Jack J said...

Very cool!