Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Mutants of Nightmare City - part 6

A legend in his own time, this mutant has an uncanny likness to a swedish-finnish TV-personality, Mark Levengood, and I'm sure the mutant heard that a lot of times from his friends. Maybe he got tired of that old Mark-joke after a while, distanced himself from them and found some new friend. We're never gonna know...

A talented artist and now a knife-wielding maniac! Wife of old scarface Francisco Rabal, at least in this movie, and the only person I know that finds a lawnmower loose in her garden and don't stop it - isn't she afraid it will destroy her flowers?

HE NEVER GIVES UP! With his brown jacket and dashing smile he's everywhere in Nightmare City, creating havoc and having fun. He's not the most spectacular mutant out there, but one of my personal favorites. Go, boy, go!


Nigel M said...


Favourite mutant has to be the black Labrador puppy that is bouncing around the invading hoard as they sweep towards the city. The puppy is either a mutant or the mutants keep pets.

Fred Anderson said...
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Ninja Dixon said...

Nigel: That's amazing! Do you know exactly where in the movie the mutant-puppy are? I need to locate this beast! ;)

Nigel M said...

I haven't got the timing for it but it is the scene when the helicopter sweeps over the crowd of zombies as they head across a field towards the city. The dog is bouncing around all over the place.

I blogged about it years ago here (on me old blog)-

screencaps included!