Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dark Breed (1996)

PM Entertainment Group produced hundreds of movies over the years, and one of the best and the silliest is Dark Breed. A shameless combination of Aliens, Predator, Species 2 and Lifeforce - but with car chases, BIG explosions and Jack Scalia doing what he can best: stare. I'm really serious, this is one of heck of an entertaining movie. It's so filled with fun stuff that it's impossible to even count the great things about it. Story? Yeah, something about some astronauts crashing down to earth, but now their bodies is hosts to some evil, evil aliens that wants to rule the world. Jack Scalia had some experience with evil aliens before and is sent out to take them down. But guess what? There's a conspiracy behind it all, and soon Scalia is hunted himself by the government!

As usual with the productions from the brilliant exploitative minds of Richard Pepkin and Joseph Merhi the story is just an excuse for setting up spectacular action sequences. The highlight here is a car chase, which has some very big mistakes (if you see the movie, you will notice them yourself), but is fantastic and very well shot. It's basically a van with a big antenna hanging in a wire after it, being chased by evil military - but with the hero hanging on the antenna at the same time! There's fragments of this scene in the trailer down below, but the trailer is quite crappy and don't do the movie justice. There's also a bloody shoot-out at a hospital with a lot of glass breaking, some cheap and nice gore, okey digital effects and a nice finale with lots of explosions and a sequence where a couple of soldiers are killed to the sound of some fifties love song. 

But at the same time it's very sloppy, with clearly visible wires pulling people up in the air, super-duper high-technology weapons falling apart like it was made of balsa wood, a very important thing disappearing and reappearing in the car chase and much more. But do I really care? No. Maybe the first time I saw it hundreds of years ago, but nowadays it's just part of the charm.

Fuck, I feel I just need to collect every PM Entertainment-movie after watching this movie again. I know there's few that will come up in the same standard of popcorntainment, but at least I will get my daily dose of explosions somehow!

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Love your reviews..always enthusiastic and honest