Thursday, December 3, 2009

Get some Turksploitation at Onar Films! (NOW!)

Okidoki boys and girls, just grab into your pocket, get some money (I know you can afford it) and make some orders to Onar Films, the dvd company that is the specialist numero uno about turkish genre cinema!

For example:

Only 13.50 euro!!!

I have this dvd myself of course, and it's a must in the collection!

There's a lot to recommend, but I think this is a good start. Just don't forget that Iron Fist is a very fun movie to, in away a much better movie (aka more coherent script, better acting and so on), but so you get to great and fun movies for the price of one - and a nice poster to!

So, what do I own from Onar Films? This:

Casus kiran - Super Collectible Edition (1968)

Karanlik Sular - Super Collectible Edition (Hard-matted) (1995)

Kilink Istanbul'da (1967)

Kilink uçan adama karsi ( Kilink Vs. Superman ) (1967) / Kilink soy ve öldür ( Kilink Strip & Kill ) (1967)

Ölüler konusmaz ki ( Dead Don't Talk, The ) (1970) / Aska susayanlar seks ve cinayet ( Thirsty for Love, Sex and Murder ) (1972)

Turkish Superman Double Bill - Super Collectible Edition
- Süpermen dönüyor ( Return of Superman, The ) (1979)
- Demir yumruk: Devler geliyor ( Iron Fist: The Giants Are Coming ) (1973)

These are all cool releases! Next up for me is Cellat, the turkish Death Wish, and of course ALTIN COCUK (THE GOLDEN BOY), a 007/spy movie!

The owner, Bill, spends all his money on this and needs support. So fuck all these big budget companies (really, you don't need a bluray of Transformers 2!) and get some nice turk-action!

And yes, I reviewed some of the movies in my Turkey-sektion.

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