Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Visitor Q (2001)

Sometime all you need is a whack in the head with a huge stone, and everything will be alright. So seem the case with Visitor Q, Takashi Miike's ultra-lowbudget family-drama. It's a story about an ex-TV producer who wants to make a reality series about youth violence - but ends up raped by... and ice cream? Anyway, if that wasn't enough, the movie begins with a long sequence with him have sex with his daughter. His wife is a heroine-addict who is beaten bloody everyday by their teenage son - who are beaten and tortured by some other kids at school. One day the father is beaten in the head by an unknown man, brings him home and everything will change...

It's absurd to even write it, but Visitor Q is very old-fashioned. Close to conservative when it comes to family values. It's about a very dysfunctional family, who finds connection to each other by breast milk, necrophilia and murder. Throw in some shit-playing and you'll have a movie like no other. It's all made with a lot of comedy to, and when the infamous corpse-fucking scene comes it's so absurd that you just have a big fucking smile all over your face. Even when the shit comes pouring from the body and the fucking continues, because the shit works fine as lubricant!

Shot on video, both pro-equipment and with home video-cam, this is a beautiful movie that really takes advantages of the format. It might look cheap, but the story is so well written and funny that you'll forget that after the first scene. Actually, the first scene when the father has sex with his daughter is so long and realistic that even I feel awkward watching it. It almost feels illegal, or at least very private.

When the last scene comes, in the greenhouse with the blue plastic wrapped around our main characters and that nice song starts playing, it gives me goosebumps. It's so beautiful, so real, so stunningly emotional. A boy laying on a floor filled with breast milk, a prostitute daughter finally comes home. A dysfunctional family becomes maybe more dysfunctional, but accepts that and finally finds peace and happiness.

That's fucking movie poetry.


Alex B. said...

Still haven't seen this, wanted to buy the DVD several times but always ended up getting something else instead.
Trailer was fun!

xanthor fek said...

After THE CRAZY FAMILY, this is probably my favorite Japanese dysfunctional'family' film.Both are hilarious.