Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ray Harryhausen's Film Fantasy Scrapbook

This is one my favorite in my little book collection, Film Fantasy Scrapbook by Ray Harryhausen. I haven't read it in a couple of years, but it's filled with beautiful black and white photos from his movies and of course from behind the scenes too.

I found it quite cheap maybe... 12-13 years ago in Gamla Stan, Stockholm at Aspingtons. I was so happy, because I've been searching it for a while then. Nowadays it's easier to find I guess. This is also (I think) the first print, which is extra nice for a nerdy collector like me ;)

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CiNEZiLLA said...

Wow! Awesome. You can never underestimate Harryhausen.

My wife picked up his An Animated Life for my birthday last year. That too is packed with some great illustrations and Harryhausens notes on the effects he created. That stuff is the shit and we've been through all the classic Sinbad/Jason & Argonauts films with the kids. They have to learn from the ground up if I'm gonna make little nerds of them too.