Sunday, April 4, 2010

Béatrice Dalle is Inside my head

She's a fucking alien, ghost, poltergeist, ninja, monster and a mother.

I've been waiting to see Inside for a few years now. If it's not Romero or Argento, I can wait and I don't have to own the movies directly. But with Inside I waited. I saw some of the other French neo-horrors and liked most of them, but people always told me that Inside was the crowning achievement of French horror. Ok, I'm sure it's the best - Martyrs is one step better according to me, but Inside with it's primitive horror, the concept of motherhood shown both in a good way (protecting your unborn child) and in a bad way (killing everyone just to have a baby) is so powerful.

And as usual with French cinema the ending is ambiguous, because to be honest - either way it ends both happy and unhappy. You'll have to see it. 

But the main reason to see it is Béatrice Dalle. She's the scariest character I've seen in a movie since... I don't know when actually. And she's human, and still this demon. - without loosing quality or becoming cartoonish. 

Many people have written about Inside, so I'm not gonna waste your time with writing more stuff about it. Just watch it instead, that's the best way of experiencing Inside.


bruce holecheck said...

Be sure and check out VINYAN as well; most of the recent French horror wave has left me cold, but MARTYRS, INSIDE and VINYAN all floored me.

Jack J said...

If I could pick whichever celeb I wanted to marry I would marry Béatrice Dalle. I've had a crush on her ever since I saw her in NIGHT ON EARTH where she played a sexy, cynical, touch and, sexy (again) woman. Uhhhh. I'd probably regret marrying her as I'm sure she would be annoying as hell, and a pain in the butt, and she'd be mean to me and break all my plates but, uhhh, she'd be worth it. I hear she frequently runs into trouble with the police. But, uhhh, Béatrice...

Ninja Dixon said...

I'm not sure I could marry her, because I probably would be very scared of her ;) But she's an awesome personality, and as an actress she's stunning!