Sunday, April 25, 2010

All things Thai in The Big Boss Part 2

Jack asked me if I could take a look at this post, which I recommend you all to do. It's some of Jack excellent writing, but also a clip from The Big Boss 2. A "sequel" to Bruce Lee's classic that stars Lo Lieh and "Bruce Le". Obviously it's some mystery around this movie, because it impossible to get - but one guy down in South Africa has a print of it and has posted ten minutes on ye' ol' internet.

What makes me interested in it, and that's the reason why Jack asked me to take a look, is that it might be Thai-actors in it. And yes, it is. It seem like a Thai-HK co-production, with Thai-producer Ekash Issaramananyakul involved, and this also means that some of the bigger parts is played by Thai actors. The main baddie was a little bit difficult. I recognized him way to much, and I had to ask Wise Kwai about it. He suggested Krung Srivilai, which probably is correct. Krung probably did hundreds of movies, but very few are listed on internet. According to IMDB he starred in two movies I've wanted to see a long time now, H-Bomb (together with Christopher Mitchum!) and 1-2-3 Monster Express, the biggest success in Thailand 1977. An action movie about a bus that can't stop or something like that (hrm... Speed... hrm...). You can read more about Krung at Thai World View.

The actress was harder, but I'm quite convinced that it's Preeya Roongrueng. She died in a car accident in 1984, but starred in 50 movies before that. I have no idea where I've seen her before - it's not one those movies listed on Thai World View anyway. That site also has information about what characters she used to play: "She often played role as นางอิจฉา (stereotypical character who does not hesitate to do bad things to the leading actress including trying to steal her boyfriend before wedding) or as ดาวโป้ (actress who always played the girl friend of the Mafia boss, the jealous woman, the temptress, the prostitute or the woman who dressed in sexy clothes)" - which seem to fit the little we see of her in Big Boss 2. But I'm not sure it's Preeya, but it's a theory anyway.

But if you have any other theories regarding the Thai-actors up here, please don't hesitate to comment.


Jack J said...

Very good suggestions there, Fred! Thanks for trying to clear this mystery up! :D

Ninja Dixon said...

My pleasure Jack, and the best thing is that I learn a lot of things myself by researching stuff like this - because I want to be the king of Thai-cult ;)

Jack J said...

Haha, you'll probably have to kill off the mysterious Wise Kwai in order to gain that position!

Thanks for the comments on my writing skills. You're not without merits yourself. ;o)