Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Srigala (1981)

From the director of Indonesian classic The Warrior, comes Srigala - which more or less is a copy of the first Friday the 13, but without the backstory of the mongoloid child and with a golden treasure instead! Why not? And it also has Barry Prime, which automatically makes it a cool movie even if it's not that good.

A bunch of teenagers (or something) goes to a lake to camp, swim and have fun. But they're not alone there. Three treasure hunters, one of them is the manliest of man - Barry Prima - are seeking after a golden treasure on the bottom of the lake! But someone is watching them, a person dressed in black and with an urge to kill, kill, kill! He (or she) takes them down one by one... until there's one final girl left. Will she survive? Will Barry Prime show off his muscles? I'm sure you can guess!

First of all, this is not a bad movie. Sure, it completely lacks originality, but still looks fine - especially in the night-scenes. Lots of atmosphere and beautiful jungle locations. I saw it with out subtitles, and had no problems following the story and character developments. It's not much of a horror movie from the beginning (the first victim, before the credits, it's a very silly looking man with moustach and small, small swimming trunks - but after that we have more of an ordinarly thriller for an hour or so, with a cool and stunt-filled boat-chase and a couple of nice explosions.

It's first in the last half hour that it actually becomes a 100 % copy of Friday the 13th. Scene for scene is ripped off, but I'm sad to say that most of the killings are very offscreen and not bloody at all. But this version (downloaded, ripped from a VCD) might be cut too, because the editing during the murder scenes was a bit strange. But if you can live with that, you'll see how the final girl takes shelter in a house, someone throws her boyfriend through the window, she escapes, runs into a woman that tells the backstory and then is the killer herself! Another nice cat fight here (mixed with some martial arts), our heroine kills the murdered and wakes up in a boat where someone is dragging her into the water. All this is looks good and is well made, but of course never reaches the tension like in the original movie. In a weird sequence they also seem to imitate slow-motion! Which looks completely silly, but a fun touch to the cat fight.

Another bonus is a lengthy dream sequence where the main girl is dreaming about four underwater zombies coming up from the lake to get her! Genius!

Srigala is of course crap, trash, whatever. But as many of these Indonesian movies it's also very charming and hard to dislike. Barry Prima (I can understand that he set a lot of hearts on fire, because he looks quite good here) is cool, and the rest of the cast is not bad at all. I also like the stolen Mike Oldfield-track that accompanies the last scene, not a bad choice at all.

It's not out on DVD and is probably very hard to get on VCD, but if you want something silly and fun, go for Srigala next time you want to download some entertaining Asian film that you never seen before.


CiNEZiLLA said...

Wow - Mongoloid child out, treasure in. You can't really go wrong with that now can you.

Great piece as usual.

Jack J said...

Usch! I haven't seen this one. :/ Another Fred (Adelman) also reviewed it a while back (on Critical Condition). The director, Sisworo Gautama Putra, also did The Primitives, Satan's Slave, Ghost With Hole, and 3 tons more films. :D

Ninja Dixon said...

Pity about the gore, but it was a fun movie anyway!

I have to check out more of the directors movies. Ghost with Hole? Weird title :)

Cinezilla: Thanks man :)

Jack J said...

The original title is SUNDEL BOLONG and it's an old Indonesian legend about a woman who returns from the dead - but she has a big hole in her back! This version has Suzzanna in it but the story has actually been filmed several times.

Patrick B said...

Sounds great. Love the mongloid-treasure switch.

Btw Fred, for some Ghost with Hole info, go here:


Ninja Dixon said...

Jack: Very interesting! In Sweden we have such a demon by the way, Skogsrået, who has a hole in her back and lures horny men into the woods!

Patrick! I'm happy to see you here! :D Really! Thanks for the link, very interesting! Did you see that I reviewed Ghost of Guts Eater too? It was with you in my thoughts actually.

Patrick B said...

I check on you guys everyday, so I haven't gone anywhere :)

I saw it and it was a great review.

Thanks, Fred :)

Kurnia Cahya Putra said...

hey, i'm wondering where did you download the movie? i'm curious and i really wanna have it. can you give me the link? thanks a lot, btw.

Ninja Dixon said...

K. Cahya Putra: I found it through a placed called www.cinemageddon.org - so you'll have to register there first and then you probably could download it :)

Sanni said...

Love the way you did such a thorough review on such a rare film. Only thing is... now I really wanna see it :D Any idea where I could find a copy these days? the cinemageddon website seems to be down and I couldn't find anything by googling. You still have the vcd or file? I've been watching all these Indonesian exploitation flicks lately and I'´d really love to get my hands on this...

Ninja Dixon said...

sanni: I might have it somewhere! send me an email: fred.andersson at gmail.com!