Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Raiders of the Golden Triangle (1985)

I must say I wasn't impressed by Raiders of the Golden Triangle. Maybe I had to high hopes for a non-stop action-fest with tons of explosions and squibs. Not that this movie dosen't deliver some fun stuff, but it's way to fucking serious. It's like Sumat Saichur and his Hong Kong-producers wanted to make art! That's almost a perverted thought actually!

It's the usual mission-movie. Sorapong Chatree, which I like a lot, infiltrates some kinda camp out in the jungle as a prisoner just to be able to kill their leader and help the rest of the military to find it's way to the hiding place. And it's the first part that's happening for the first... 75 minutes I think. It's well made, wonderful cinematography and good direction. But it's way to much talk, to much message. It's a jungle, I need action and adventure!

But thank heavens, the last sequence is an excellent piece of action with so much explosions, a bodycount like a dream, nice shoot-outs and just so much action it will be enough for everyone! Of this came out on a good DVD I would probably buy it just for the last scene, but I wish it could have been a little bit more...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Fred I recommend that you track down this ones semi-companion film Raiders of the Doomed Kingdom (1986) also staring Chatree and directed by Saichur.

It's a wonderfully trashy and rather mean spirited take on the final days of the Vietnam war.