Tuesday, September 7, 2010

100 000 visits!

I wrote the first post on Ninja Dixon the 15th of July 2009, and since then – from this morning – I’ve had over 100 000 visits (the blog I had before this one reached 100 000 visits after four years...)! I have 22000 visitors that returns back to my blog from time to time, 70000 visitors has made a visit, read a review and that’s it. I’m very happy for both of these kind of visitors, because that means there’s people who wants to come back and read more, and the rest I helped with an opinion or two – even if they don’t like what I’ve written.

No stats about which review is the most popular, but one that always been on the top everyday is my sensational review (with graphic screenshots) of Killer Elephants!

More than half of my vistors comes from the US, and the majority of the rest is from Europe. I wish I had more visitors from the Asian countries, but I guess it’s harder to find my blog there because our written language is too different from each other.

What do people search for, and makes them come to Ninja Dixon? Today it’s “uwe boll auschwitz” (and different versions of that subject) for example. I wrote already in April that Uwe is making an Auschwitz-movie, and today people obviously realized it was the real deal when he released his slightly controversial teaser for his new shocker.

Many people search for “Ninja Dixon”, I don’t know what that means. I hope all of them are researching old Godfrey Ho-movies ;). But often they key words tend to reflect what’s populaar at the moment, for example Piranha-movies, Darren Ward’s A Day of Violence, Swedish feminist porn and Jess Franco-related words (like “naked women prison jess franco” and so on).

But who gives a f**k about all these statistics? I’m happy that people are visiting my blog, make comments, links to reviews and uses Ninja Dixon as a place to check what can be worth watching. I know my English is crap from time to time, but what can I do? I’m Swedish – just pretend you’re hearing a funny Swedish accent and you’ll survive!

And take a look at the right side of the blog, I have a lot of links to good friends and excellent writers – always worth a visit!

Thanks people, I love you all.


Osvaldo Neto said...

Congratulations, Fred! You're right to be proud of this baby!

forestofthedead said...

Congratulations friend!

Ronald Perrone said...

Congratulations, man!

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