Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Dragonfly for each Corpse (1974)

I’ll have to admit that this review will lack one thing, a full understanding of the story. I watched it without subtitles, which usually isn’t a problem for me, but this time they talked so much and I guess I miss a lot of plot in that way. Once again León Klimovsky is back in the directors chair which makes A Dragonfly for each Corpse a handsome bastard to look at. Another handsome bastards is of course Paul Naschy as the cool, cigarre-smoking police investigating the dragonfly-murders. The murderer is killing of immoral people: prostitutes, drug addicts etc, and is leaving a plastic dragonfly on each body. More victims and more suspects show up…

Yeah, you can see for yourself. Of course the story is more convoluted than this, with a lot of characters, red herrings, murders and a sparkling and brilliant Naschy playing a pure good guy for once. What I especially like about it is his good relationship with the gay fashion designer Vittorio, who he seem to have no problem with at all – this is a bit unique because it’s almost standard that the macho police in these movies must show at least a little suspicion against the token gay character. A very good thing from writer Naschy himself.

The murders? Well, it’s a high bodycount. Often with axe, knife and one very dangerous umbrella. But except a graphic, and very crappy-looking, hand-chopping it’s almost nothing on screen. Everything happens off screen with some splashes of blood here and there. A disappointment after the extremely sleazy and bloody “Spanish giallo” Seven Murders for the Scotland Yard, also starring Naschy.

But if you don’t understand Spanish, like me, the main thing to watch this movie for is Naschy himself. Always up for a good fight with bad guys, chewing cigars and making sweet love to his girlfriend Erika Blanc. He’s a walking testosterone-sprinkler, and I just love him more and more. I don’t understand people who say he’s a bad actor, he’s not. He’s just Paul Naschy, and I rather see Paul Naschy doing his stuff than… there’s no one to compare with. Sorry. He’s the best.

Did I say I love him?

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Thomas Duke said...

I've seen a lot of Naschy, including Scotland Yard, but this has eluded me. I love giallos, so I would probably like this, but I don't think it was ever released in the US (even on VHS).