Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sharktopus (2010)

I was very fond of Roger Cormans earlier SyFy-production Cyclops, with Eric Roberts and some impressive left-over sets from a bigger production, so it was with joy I heard the news about Sharktopus – the best creature feature-title ever? But if that’s not enough, Sharktopus also gives us a performance by Brent Huff, the mega-star from Strike Commando 2, Born to Fight, Nine Deaths of the Ninja and a lot more classics from the eighties.

The main idea with creating such a monster like Sharktopus is that the US military will have something to use against drug smugglers! It’s controlled by a remote, but after an accident the Sharktopus looses its remote and is out to kill, kill and kill!!! Eric Roberts is the inventor of our hero, and her daughter co-inventor. Now they need to catch it before it can kill, kill, kill even more!!!

Jaja, as we say in Sweden. The story is so-so. Nothing special. The typical creature feature storyline used a billion times on the SyFy Channel and since the dawn of monster movies. Like The Asylums latest monster movies, Sharktopus has its tongue firmly placed in the cheek and has at least one Sharktopus-attack ever ten minute. Everything is computer graphics, except a few rubber-tentacles here and there, but fits good to the glossy, sunshine style of the movie. It feels like a commercial for shampoo or some ab-fitness machine, but with very silly dialogue and a huge tentacle-monster munching half-naked hunks and babes.

But the highlight of the movie is the attacks, which is many and often very entertaining. The best one is already a classic, the bungey jump-kill, but I like when the Sharktopus is attack the WORST dance troupe in movie history and eat’s them one by one. He probably did something that the dance critics probably just dreamt about doing. Another victim is a poor worker who’s screaming “No, not like this” when the monster grabs him, and that after talking with his colleague about death!

I wonder if this line echoes the famous one from Night of the Lepus? It says everything about the movie:

"Excuse me! Everyone! There's a killer shark-octopus hybrid heading this way! So please leave the marina in a timely fashion!"

Sharktopus is a great movie for fans of stupid shark-movies (I’m looking at you Jocke!) and I can’t wait to own it on DVD – or even better, blu-ray (but I guess that never will happen)!

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forestofthedead said...

I enjoyed your take on the film.

I really liked this one. It's one of the best Syfy movies I've seen.