Thursday, September 23, 2010

...And Henry Fonda as The President

If Henry Fonda was alive I would hire him and do a movie where he plays The President. The whole flick will be in his office where he talks in telephone how dangerous the situation is out there because of fires, killer bees, earthquakes and tsunamis. Only him and a telephone.

He would look more tired during the whole two hour movie. At the end he will have no tie and look a bit sweaty, a bit worn after the shocking events.

The credits would have all the stars: Charlton Heston, Lee Majors, George Kennedy, Ava Gardner, Olivia De Havilland... and Bradford Dillman as Major Baker. But you would never see them, only hear. Only two telephones, one normal and one red.

In the end the glowing sun raises behind him, thru the window in the oval office. He made it. With all these phone calls and looking worried, he made it. He saved the world. Pity his wife who died, crushed by a falling train, stung by bees and threaten by Marjoe Gortner.

But the President, still proud and strong after defeating the disasters, stands there with his gaze somewhere beyond the brighter clouds, brighter for a future without volcanoes setting fire to brand new skyscrapers.

The End.


Luiz Alexandre said...

Sounds like a pretty cool movie. But I would change the end: he wouldn't win. You would see him doing his best and worst to solve some sword of problem, I'd put some people to be with him, playing his assessors or something, but he would do ANYTHING to solve some kind of situation but he would failure. Besides that, what a great movie would be;

MilesAhead said...

I saw this movie a bunch of times. It was called Fail-Safe. A Sidney Lumet flick. Larry Hagman was the interpreter that told Fonda what the Russian head of state was saying on the hot line. Walter Matthau was the war theorist.. Kissinger type. It was the basis for the parody Dr Strangelove.