Monday, September 20, 2010

Big news for swedish readers: the infamous ”Studio S”-episode on DVD!

This probably won’t matter at all for you non-Swedish readers and movie fans, BUT for us in Sweden this is fucking big news!

“Studio S” was a TV-show dealing with social issues and the most famous episode was aired 1980, 2nd of December. The subject for the evening was “Videovåld”, video violence. Let me quite Wikipedia, who has an english section about this episode:

“Despite covering many issues, the show is now mainly known (and infamous) for an episode broadcast on December 2, 1980 entitled "Vem behöver videon (who needs video)?". The episode raised concerns over violent movies on video and the notion that they were being viewed by children. Reporters interviewed children who claimed that they had seen movies such as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and showed that children could easily rent violent videos. They then held a debate on how to deal with the issue, featuring a group of parents who all agreed that they couldn't stop their children from viewing these movies. Representing the government of Sweden was the Swedish Minister of Education Jan-Erik Wikström (fp) who wanted a ban but stressed that it required a change in the constitution of Sweden.

The episode spawned the buzzword videovåld (lit Video-violence), and a major moral panic that would shape public perception and even influence new laws. In the end the movies demonized by the show were more helped than harmed, as the exposure made them famous. Today the whole thing is widely regarded as an example of sensationalism and the videovåld controversy is mostly over. The Swedish DVD-cover for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre even mentions the episode and proudly claims to have been "the most hated movie in Sweden!".

Because of its cultural significance, the episode has become a cult item among film enthusiasts who see it both as an important document on the issue of censorship, and as unintentional comedy. It has been shown in film-festivals and is circulated as Bootlegs.

A parallel can be made to the UK debate on Video Nasties.”
I’ve seen the episode – I had a bootleg on VHS many years ago, and I can confirm it’s both hilarious and tragic. People are mentioning god, some parents are almost crying when they’re discussing this terrible thing called “videovåld”.

Anyway, now I can announce that Studio S, the swedish distribution-company have secured the rights to both the original episode from 1980 and the follow-up from 2002where other journalists debunk the “facts” in the original show!

Now, I don’t have a date or any other information about the release, but it WILL be released on DVD in Sweden during 2010.


CiNEZiLLA said...

That is fucking hillarious! I know that I have told you that the minister who thinks that the makers of these movies should be put to rest at the bottom of the sea with a grindstone round their necks still feels the same way!

I betcha that hypocrite likes Von Trier and Greenaway!


Anonymous said...

Cool! It´s amazing to see and hear those parents, i am more afraid of them actually than the movies. =)
I have seen it a bunch of times on youtube.

Anonymous said...

The 2002 follow-up: