Thursday, September 30, 2010

Frank Henenlotter to Stockholm!

This is really cool awesome mega-cool news for us in Stockholm, Sweden. SubDVD and Njuta Films will arrange an evening with Frank Henenlotter in our little main capital of Sweden! The last Sunday in October of course, the 31st!

It only costs 150 Swedish kronor and it begins at 15:00 with mingle together with Henenlotter, then a screening of Brain Damage, after that a Q&A together with famous film journalist Ronny Svensson and finally another screening, Bad Biology. Njuta is releasing Bad Biology on DVD and Blu-Ray, so of course you will be able to purchase that release a little earlier - and of course get it signed by Mr Henenlotter himself!

Read more here - in Swedish - or on Facebook.

I'll be there, so if you are a reader, try to find a fat bloke in a striped jacket, glasses and a patetic beard who have a tendency to stutter when he's close to famous and talented people that he adore ;)


Patrick B said...

Faen. Dette vil jeg være med på :D Hater Bad Biology, men Brain Damage er et mesterverk.

Ninja Dixon said...

Du är välkommen Patrick! Bring the missus and sleep in our living room :)

Patrick B said...

Det hadde vært fantastisk Fred, men jeg er for opptatt med skolen.

Jocke Andersson said...

Oh, I will so tell Frank Henenlotter that you dont really like any of his films... ;)