Monday, January 25, 2010

The Tournament (2009)

Okidoki, here's the deal. Every seven years 30 of the worlds best assassins gather in a small town somewhere for a tournament. The last one alive wins a load of money, the honor and are more or less expected to do it again next time. Ving Rhames plays Joshua Harlow who won the last time, but now he's back for revenge - because someone killed his wife, and he wants blood. The place is Middlesborough, UK. An alocholic priest, Joseph MacAvoy (Robert Carlyle), is mixed up in the action and bonds with the Asian female killer Lai Lai Zhen (Kelly Hu). They have 24 hours to survive, and kill as many killers as possible...

Wow, fuck hey wow. Why is this movie - The Tournament - not more famous? A British action movie that is violent that... that's violent. Really violent. You have exploding bodies, heads going off like melons, shot and cut of limbs, squibs-o-rama super deluxe, huge explosions, wild stunts, a bus/truck chase that could have been from one of the best PM Entertainment Group-movies ever. It has some minor drama, some good acting, Scott Adkins with a beard, Ving Rhames screaming and spitting at the same time, nudity and more gore. It's also well made, looks big and expensive without getting shallow and... it's really a fucking shame that it's been dumped DTV without much attention. 

As usual, I'm not saying that it's a movie that will change the world or change your life. It has some message, but it's hidden under a deep think cover of blood and guts, fancy guns, fire and stunts. Robert Carlyle and Ving Rhames are the only characters with real depth, and both are doing fine works between the action. Afterwards you will find yourself stuffed with good entertainment, but slowly you will also forget about the movie and the characters. This is a product only for action, blood and gore - and watch with that in your mind and you'll have a helluva time.

I'm just so surprised that such a creative action movie is so... anonymous to the world. I'm sure it went to cinemas in some countries, but this is one of those movies that would have open so-so and then grown over the weeks. I'm not talking Avatar here, but at least as a cool indie with the action-heart at the right place. This is the wet dream of a boy, but not about Suzy next doors, but all about total mayhem, total "awesomeness" (I'm still quoting the boy now, I try not to use that word to often) and a perfect movie to gather the guys around, open a few beers and have a great time.

Okey, enough with the hype. Watch it.

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CiNEZiLLA said...

Fuuuuukkkk! The guy at my convenience store - who knows that I love film and therfor has to talk movies with me for ten minutes everytime I'm in there - was telling me about this one, or rather a film where a bunch of hit men fight it out against eachother... and I've been racking my brain trying to figure out which one it could be ever since.

Now I know! Thanx Ninja. This will be the next film I rent!

Well played sir!