Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shriek of the Mutilated (1974)

Yeah, this is utter trash. Quite fun trash, but still one of those movies that not even the most retarded IMDB-user would write "At least better than those modern movies with CGI instead of REAL effects" about. Shriek of the Mutilated is another of those billions of Bigfoot-related movies (in this movie it's a Yeti though, but it's more or less the same thing - only that I think that a Yeti belongs in the Himalayas and not in some American backyard) that came in the seventies. It looks like a porn movie and the actors are on the same level, but still... it has some demented charm after all.

A couple nobodys arrives to a big house close to the forest. It's fall, and it's gray and rainy all the time. The only fun thing is their mission to catch the aggressive Yeti, which is a guy in a really bad Yeti-suit jumping around acting like he was a gorilla. Then they walk around, have long meaningless dialogues, a lot of trees and leafs, and when you least expect it, a non-gory Yeti-attack and finally a very stupid and silly ending that just don't make sense.

If you haven't seen any of these ultra-low budget cheapo-movies from the backwoods of the US, this can be a good start. It's not the best movie, but it's like watching a accident, it's hard to look away. The script is everywhere, the horror is nowhere, but unfortunately you are still there in front of the TV watching the disaster unfold. The actors pretending their acting in a school play, but they are older and more pretentious, and the person responsible for the lightning just decided to turn the lights at that the scene to make everything as bright as possible, and that's it. Simple, effective and very unsuccessful. The cinematography is okey most of the time though, but looks cheap and is cheap. Angles and editing is right some local TV-commercial.

Gore? Yes, as I mention there's nothing to talk about and the few drops of gore is badly edited and hardly visible. It could have been more spicy with some cheesy gore, a little bit more blood - not matter how badly executed it could have been. Just to make it a bit more fun to watch.

Do I sound very negative? Yes, but I also enjoyed this piece of trash - a lot. Sure, it took me two hours to watch it, because I always found good reasons to check my Facebook all the time. And get something to drink in the kitchen. Or play with the cat, cuddle with my bf, or just do something else. But finally the end-titles was rolling, and the last scenes was quite fun to be honest - and there's a reason for the Yeti to look so crappy... so overall, a fun grindhouse-flick which is trashy enough to see together with some friends - and not alone like me (my dear G preferred watching Apocalypto on his computer instead - good for him, bad for me).

So that's it. Quality all the way. I need to see more of these movies, just to get used to them. Or should I?


Anonymous said...

This is one of those crappy horrors i saw on video for like 25 years ago. You gotta love that white gorillasuit. Another movie i remember from that time was "Rana:the legend of Shadow lake". That one wasn´t bad at all.

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