Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some photos of my DVD-collection

I'm just trying to sort everything, and here we have only asian movie - all asian monsters together, all Miike and Rittikrai/Jaa together, but then it's just sorted after country.

Only italian and spanish movies sorted after directors and county... but if you look closer...

... I also have Midnite Movies, Shameless, Edgar Wallace from RetroMedia and Mondo Macabro there.

The Pride in the collection: The über-fat-special-edition of D-War :D

But I'm ever more proud of this great Aces goes Places-box.

And here's the rest of the shit.
This is not all, but most of it.


Jack J said...

Very nice collection.

All my ACES GO PLACES (1-5) are VCD released, haha.

Ninja Dixon said...

I have a few vcd's in my collection. Thai original of thai movies, but that's all.

This Aces-box is great, even that it's sad that they don't include the international versions - could be fun just to have :)

Jack J said...

I remember one of them (#4 I believe) has an entire different beginning with gwilo actors.

Ninja Dixon said...

Possible... I also have the swedish x-rental of part 4 (which is the best in the whole series), but it was such a long time ago since I saw it.

I must see this movie again... it has some amazing stunts and quite good fighting to, and they use a real airplane-accident that happen by mistake to in it.

Nigel M said...

Due to lack of space I had to lose all my dvd covers and instead use those 100 disc wallets- so I bought a stack of those and sort by genre.

The only covers I kept were my Shameless ones- In a way its quite sad that I cant have my dvd collection on display but the thing was getting out of hand when I ended up with 2 bookcases of eurocrime. I miss having the boxes to hold and look at, I really do, but its a small house and it was starting to look like a rental shop.