Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remembering Zelda Rubinstein - Chock, Episode "Kött" (1997)

Few people know that recently departed Zelda Rubinstein once starred in one episode of the failed Swedish TV-series Chock. Every episode is filled with famous Swedish actors, the host is the greatest of them all - Ernst-Hugo Järegård - an the production itself is so terrible bad. It looks good, at a first glance, but after a while you realize it just looks like a school production. The direction, this time by Anders Lennberg, is generic and has no personality at all - just boring - and the dialogue is stiff and ridiculous. My dead uncle could have done it better.

The story itself is not that bad in this production, but it's a shame they couldn't have done it better. There's no tension at all, just half of the storyline is interesting - and that part of the story is what this post is about: Zelda Rubinstein. It's a weird feeling seeing Zelda playing a horrible, controlling little person, acting against Jan Myrberg (the other actor that do a good work) and watching Swedish TV-classic Hylands Hörna. She never utters a word, communicating only with gruntings and facial expression - and Zelda rules here. She's the best, the most bizarre, the most real, the only scary thing in the whole episode.

I can't recommend Chock to anyone, but if you find it - buy it only for Zelda Rubinstein's sake.

Zelda, have fun were ever you are...

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