Thursday, January 21, 2010

Far Cry (2008)

Okey, let's roll out the cheesy-popcorn-entertainment-movie of the week, Uwe Boll's Far Cry! You know, I'm sure a few of you are very upset about Uwe destroying the legacy of some game here, but I just don't care. At all. Far Cry belongs beside BloodRayne and Alone in the Dark, just wacky unpretentious violent action-movies that have nothing to say except to deliver some explosions, some silly dialogue, gore and slow-motion. And I just love that so fucking much!

Til Schweiger plays Jack Carver, a german ex-soldier working as a captain at some lake in Canada (at least it's shot in Canada). His friend, Max Cardinal (Ralf Moeller) work's nearby at a island, guarded heavily by military. On that island, no one else than Udo Kier experiments to transform ordinary soldiers to super-soldiers, not capable of dying and that can go on killing and fighting without any rest or food. A female journalist, Valerie Cardinal (Emmanuelle Vaugier), the niece of Max, arrives to write a story about the island... and soon she and Jack is trapped on the island, trying to get out alive!

First of all, there's one weak thing with this movie: the comedy. It's a little to much comedy for my taste, but if you ignore that you have a very entertaining and violent action movie - far from the big Hollywood-productions of course - but with three excellent action sequences, some gore and a very high body count. Most of the movie is on this Canadian island, and the location look kinda cheap. Like an Italian action movie from the eighties, at least the outside of the secret lab. The inside is more fancy and echoes Resident Evil and stuff like that. 

The first big action scene is a car chase in the forest, which feels old-fashioned and I'm not ashamed to say that I think it's very good. Explosions, stunts and good editing. The next one is a boat chase, not as intensive but it works damn fine and Uwe makes a lot out of very little. The last 30-40 minutes it's a blast. Some graphic gore, lot's of squibs, people that are thrown around in slow-mo (Uwe never misses to include a cool shot, and that makes this movie so awesome) lot's of action. Don't expect The Matrix though, this might be more for us nerds out there that want's more old style action.

Except the comedy I can't complain so much, it's a fun movie with lots of action and violence. The actors are good and seem to have fun, Udo Kier is good and I hope the open ending leads to a (at least!) DTV-sequel. I want to see more super-soldiers killing people in ultra-rapid!

Crazy, silly, a bit stupid and well made. This is a movie for us that likes our DTV-action juicy and gory.


forestofthedead said...

Love your review.

I thought this movie was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I like it....i dindt understand the so very low points in imdb...