Saturday, January 9, 2010

I just saw The Descent 2 and that reminded me of my own cave-experience....

I'm not an adventurous by any means, but I've actually done one (and never again)  cave in my life, and that was the Khao Wang Thong-cave in Khanom, Thailand in 2006. It was suppose to be famous or something, and my follower said there would be some rock formations in there (shaped like... grapes or something like that). So we took our motorbikes and went there... and it was closed. 

My friend could easily persuade people, and he went down to a nearby house... and came back with a key and two flashlights! There was not electricity in the cave, that was the reason why it was closed. Good idea. But no, he wanted me to go in this hellhole... and so I climbed inside and started to sweat like no man has sweat before! It wasn't because of the heat, but because I was scared to death! I managed to take some photos, but all of them was crap. 

The further in the cave we went, the lower the ceiling and soon we had to crawl on all four to be able to get deeper. I can say that this wasn't popular at all, at least not for me who have problems when spaces are to small. But on we went, until I started to realize that we wasn't alone in there...

Sure, the bats is one thing, but fucking spiders?! That's way to much for me! I actually took a photo of one of these hell-monsters and believe me, it's at least (if not bigger) as big as you think it is! 

We almost reached our goal, a extremely slim passage which was leading to some bigger caves with these amazing, fabulous, unique and incredible rock formations - and I said "stop", and turned around - on all four again. I could just see me there, stuck between the crumbling cave-walls, fighting for my life when the cave collapses around me and the killer-spiders attacks my throat!

My "friend", a person I would like to forget, was of course angry as an.. idiot, and I promised myself to never do something like this again. Outside the fantastic view met me, and I could breath again...

This could be a review of The Descent: Part 2. Because it was a damn fine little horror movie, with cool monsters and lots of gore and blood. I felt that Thai-cave when I was watching this movie, and maybe it works better for me as a horror movie because of that? I don't know, but I recommend it to you all...




Jocke Andersson said...

No caving experience is complete without this:
Were there any strange blue rocks och meatlike aliens? Or even a cameo by Michele Soavi? ;)

Seriously, a person in his right mind doesnt force someone to do a thing like that. Fuckwit.

Damn. I wonder if I should watch it again... No, I'll watch The Cave instead!

Ninja Dixon said...

Believe me, this person was out of his mind!

But no blue rocks or scary aliens, except that spider of course!

Ah, The Cave... I've been sorting my dvds the last couple of days... and I found it, so maybe I will watch it tomorrow, the first thing when I wake up! :)

Jack J said...

I wish they'd get rid of caves, trees, and the rest of that stuff they call nature. It's soo yesterday. Get over it and start building cities everywhere. Much better.

The Descent 2: Haven't seen it yet but I dislike the fact that they made the sequel based on the lame (happy) American ending of the first one. :/

Ninja Dixon said...

Jack, I agree with the nature! Burn it! Blow it up! It's just a cesspit of dangerous animal!

Well, they used the lame ending from part 1 - but on the other side, there's nothing lame about the way the survivors die in the sequel ;)