Friday, January 15, 2010

3 x PM Entertainment Group

Right now my focus is very much pointed to slick action movies from the nineties, of course produced by PM Entertainment Group. I love these movies and though they can be hard to separate sometime, they're still some great popcorn-movies that deserves more recognition. First out is The Silencers (1996), a Men in Black/X-Files style action-movie where Jack Scalia plays a bodyguard that gets his object killed. The whole thing leads to a secret operation where the US government tries to open a portal to another dimension. The stunts in this movie is amazing, from the scene where a guy throws himself into a moving subway-train to the great, great freeway-chase with tons of explosions and a cool fight on top of a truck. The second half of the movie looses some of it's energy, but it's still great entertainment.

The next one was Executive Target (1997). Michael Madsen plays an ex-stuntdriver who gets forced to kidnap the president. I still think it lacks energy between the action-scenes, but I'll have to live with that, because the car-chases - three of them I think - are fucking great. I'm not sure how many cars that gets destroyed, but it feels like PM's most expensive movie and the stunt work is truly one of the best I've seen in a movie. It's weird how little known a movie like this is, and that it (I guess) was released direct to video! This could have been a cinema release with maybe some more famous actors, or some more work with the scenes in between the action. 

Last movie out is the charming, but far from perfect, The Sender (1998). Another sci-fi with UFO's and black ops. Michael Madsen has a daughter with alien-DNA in her, and the US government wants her to experiment on. But a female alien (dressed like Don Cheadle in his Egyptian style in Boogie Nights) comes to the rescue. It lacks the action, but has three big action-scenes where the first one is the best. It's another truck going rampage on the streets with multiple crashes and a fight on top of it. Great stunt work. But this time the story focuses more on the sci-fi aspect and there's more spaceships and secret underground bases than nonstop-action. But it's still okey, and it delivers the entertainment at least.

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