Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Mutants of Nightmare City - part 8

Wow, this guy drank way to much before he became a mutant! Or was it the "mutantism" that made him an old wino? Actually, during christmas he always wear those silly reindeer-horns on his head to show that has some sense of humor and can joke about it.

A legend in his own time! Professor Hagenbeck is the source of every mutant (I guess, because he was the expert and therefor he must mutate first). It's a pity that he just makes this appearance and then just leaves us alone for the rest of the movie...

The priest-mutant has always been a mystery because it's obvious that our heroes see his deformations first, because the nice part of the face is in our direction. But that's just a small detail. Even if I'm a devoted atheist, I admire that he's still praying even when he's a mutant. Probably one of those god damn liberal priests!


Jocke Andersson said...

I love that priest. He looks like he got some extreme veneral disease in his face.

Well, I thought... would you sue me if I made a Zombies of Burial ground or something similar? ;)

Ninja Dixon said...

Jocke: Of course! Go ahead, I'm looking forward to it already :)