Thursday, December 31, 2009

The boy from Mannen på Taket...

I always find this to be a very entertaining detail. Do you remember the boy in Bo Widerbergs "Mannen på Taket"? He's trying to get away from the crashing helicopter during the fantastic ending at S:t Eriksplan. Here he is:

He later grew up and became Carolas boyfriend for a while, and most important, became action-star A.R. Hellquist (aka Anders Hellqvist) in a couple of Swedish action classics:

Fatal Secret (1988) .... John Mitchell
Animal Protector (1988) .... John Santino
The Mad Bunch (1989) .... Eddie
The Forgotten Wells (1990) .... Peter Savage

He also had a cameo on a lousy movie I produced, Farligt Förflutet, where he was one of several actors from the Swedish lowbudget action movie history to make an appearance. He also starred as the bad guy in Ninja Mission 2000, another movie we made - but never released.

During later years he's been involved in some stunt school, been doing smaller roles in TV-series and commercials (he plays the Ninja in one of the first IF Hemförsäkring-commercials for example) and doing guard-work at Stureplan. Just google his name and you will find dozens of new photos from nightclubs and so on.


J said...


Great post Dixon.


David A. Zuzelo said...

I saw Animal Protector a few years, what a flick :)
Was Mannen på Taket a film that Bo Vibenius worked on the action scenes? I remember him talking about the film, but I also remember being on a desperate quest for a toilet in Stockholm!

Ninja Dixon said...

Thanks J! :D

David: Yeah, it's a... interesting movie ;)

Bo worked on Mannen på taket (Have you seen it? You must see it!) and I think he was involved the huge scenes at the end.

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