Sunday, June 17, 2012

Train Week at Ninja Dixon!

In real life I hate trains. Or being on a train for six hours feeling like an animal on the way to the butcher. But I LOVE trains in movies and therefore I will have a a train week at Ninja Dixon! 

Sometimes I even buy a movie if there's only one awesome train-sequence in it, like Sholay, Dark of the Sun, The Swarm and Inglorious Bastards. But the best movies have trains all the way through. Pity I've only released the fantastic Bollywood disaster drama The Burning Train, but I might find something else from India...

Anyway, hope you enjoy this and remember that it's #TrainWeek on Twitter

Ninja Dixon


Anonymous said...

Sounds cool....I wonder if you will mention anything I´ve seen...?

Bring it on the rails, bolts, Ninja!


docvoltage said...

Here's hoping you include Eugenio Martin's HORROR EXPRESS. I know it's been written about over and over again, but it still brings chills down my spine and is a wonderfully executed period film.

Also, LA RAGAZZA DEL VAGONE LETTO aka TERROR EXPRESS is a great trainsploitation movie and well worth a mention. Or two.