Saturday, June 30, 2012

Taking a break

Yep, I'm taking a break for a couple of days (No, I'm not closing the blog).
Right now I see no point in blogging, writing about movies.
There's a trillion other better blogs about movies than mine.
Take a break from here you to.
The review of Macabre, yesterday, was post number 1000.
Maybe I should stay at that.

/Ninja Dixon


Anonymous said...

Taking a break's fine, man. You've gotten 33 reviews done this month!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fred

I love your blog and I hope you keep going after the break.

BTW what is happening with Attackafant? Are you going to release the second Film any time soon? I really enjoyed THE KILLER ELEPHANTS!


PS: Fuck Chuck Norris! :)

Anonymous said...

Ninja:´s I guess a break is ok.

But I´m going to miss your posts.


Ninja Dixon said...

It's just a couple of days boys :)