Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So Chuck Norris don't want me to see The Expendables 2?

If Chuck Norris don’t want gays in the scouts I guess he don’t want gay action fans to watch his movies?

This makes me feel even more tired when I read how “geeks” defends him because of some really bad movies he made thirty years ago.

They rather support a homophobic paranoiac than support gay friends/relatives and fellow gay geeks.

Ninja Dixon has never been a fan of Chuck Norris. Here we prefer real men.


Anonymous said...

Well...he is hardcore republican....what do you expect?

I may not agree what he says(few celebs have decent views) but I suspect he isn´t the only one havings these sad ideas in his head.

But I enjoy his films.....very doubtful, however if I´m going to see The Expendables 2, mainly because the first one was very flawed.


Ninja Dixon said...

I never enjoyed his movies or the "man" himself.

I can live with some of these idiots being Republitards, as long as they keep their mouth shuts and just do entertainment - but when they, like Norris have done during recent years regarding gay rights, speak outs regarding their moronic beliefs there's not chance in hell they will think people would shut-the-fuck-up and just accept the stupidity.

Chuck Norris, with his conservative and slightly retarded view on other peoples life's, is partly responsible (together with the rest of the anti-gay movement in the US)of all the recent teen-suicides (no, not a new thing and not only teenagers) related to homophobia.

Remember, support to Chuck Norris is support to anti-gay violence and hate crimes.

Anonymous said...

Ninja: Well...I found at least Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)entertaining....but I wouldn´t call it good.

No, accepting is something I don´t ANYONE should.

But I would like to see Clint Eastwood(who claims to be supporter of the gay cause) or Arnold Schwarznegger speak out against Norris.

I find it odd that none of them do....same thing with some rapstars, other moviestars, etc but I guess everyone is too afraid.

Well, I never said I was buying his films.....BIG difference.


Darius Whiteplume said...

I always thought his movies were the ones jocks and redneck were most likely to beat off to. (sorry, that was crass)

Neil Sarver said...

I doubt he gets residuals for copies of Way of the Dragon, the only movie he appears in I'd ever bother to recommend to another person. And frankly, watching Bruce Lee hand Norris his ass is part of the joy of watching it.

I used to like him when I was a kid, and he was the stereotypically gay looking dude in movies like The Octagon.

But I can't think I've enjoyed anything he's done since Lone Wolf McQuade, and I wasn't as happy with that a few years ago as I was seeing in in a theater when I was 12.

I know. Go figure!

I think sometimes has-been figures like this make a point to say bullshit like this because it puts them in the news. It's too bad, because his loony toons bullshit is, like you say, only likely to hurt his first movie coming into theaters in... 20 years? What a dumbfuck!