Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm standing alone in the Easy Action zone!

Yeah, or maybe more like... "Bloooood Traaaacks! I'm standing alone in the dangers zone!"

Blood Tracks has always been an important part of my life and collection. I started out with the cut Swedish VHS, then moved on to a slightly longer Aussie tape, after that got fucked by the terrible and very censored French DVD and then finally came to heaven with the German DVD, under the name Shocking Heavy Metal.

Here you can see how damn cool it is! :D

Now the circle has closed, after so many years! Today I filmed (ok, just b-camera) an interview with two of the members of Easy Action, Bo Stagman (aka Zinny Zan) and Peo Thyrén conducted by journalist Stefan Malmqvist and produced by Stefan Nylén, former Klubb Super 8 co-worker and now at Studio S.

Blood Tracks is finally getting a FAT special edition, 2 disc with tons of interesting bonus stuff. I can't say that much yet, but it will be first and last release of Blood Tracks you need to own. It's that good. I don't know about English subs, but the movie itself and some other stuff will be enough even for you that don't understand Swedish.

Here's my review of the uncut DVD from Germany, a release that will be totally owned by the upcoming Swedish release from Studio S!


Thomas Duke said...

I have the US Vista VHS, so it's probably cut. Movie still rules though. Nothing better than a Swedish hair metal chick.

Anonymous said...

Easy Action.....I did not know this, Ninja, so thanks.

My only link to the band was this clip from Kanal 5, where Fredrik&Filip showed their old promo video.



Anonymous said...

Is the actual movie in English with removeable subtitles? if so, I am definitley buying it!

Ninja Dixon said...

It's in English, but I have no idea about removable subtitles. I guess it have those, it's never been such a big deal here in Sweden.