Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Amateur Hour: Just Killers (1999)

I'm sitting and watching a German splatter movie and somehow I came to think about the time when I wanted to be a filmmaker, during those years it was so simple to just get a bunch of friends together and make something, just have fun.

This short movie, Just Killers (a mix between Woo's Just Heroes and The Killer) is more or less 14-15 years old by now, "times flies", as some people say. I think it was mostly me and Leo (the small blonde guy being chased most of the time) who came up with this very primitive John Woo-tribute. We shot it at the office where I worked at the time for, I think, two evenings.

I had a pretty clear idea what I wanted to do and therefore we could shoot it very fast. It's amateurish and silly, but it has a few shots here and there that's quite stylish. The first version had stolen music but later on Markus Höglund wrote new stuff so we had a completely original movie. I have some memories of going back maybe a year later to shoot some extra inserts, just to make it flow a little bit better.

There's some hilarious examples of acting here also, so don't expect Oscars-material ;)

And here's some bloopers and stuff that I found today and decided to upload. Oh, those were the embarrassing days...


Anonymous said...

"It's amateurish and silly, but it has a few shots here and there that's quite stylish."

No, I disagree....I found this to be more stylish then....say, Den tredje vågen etc.

Couldn´t you team up with Filip Tegstedt and his production company?

I would love to see a actionthriller from you haven´t written anything like that recently?


Alex B. said...

There's a lot of action and some nic camera movements!

Ninja Dixon said...

Oh, no... it's shit. but it's kinda fun to look back at.

Glad you enjoyed it.