Sunday, June 20, 2010

Four interesting things with the worst Swedish movie ever!

I worked with movies, television and shit like that for many years. One of my first assignment outside of TV was the movie that is considered the Worst Swedish Action-Thriller Ever Made: Farligt Förflutet ("Dangerous Past"). The title is as generic as the movie itself.

The shooting was a nightmare, the script was crap and it turned out TERRIBLE. Strange enough, it made it's money, sold quite well on DVD and VHS, had good ratings on the TV-channels - but for me as a co-producers, it's my biggest shame.

More or less everyone knew it was gonna suck (it would have been more fun if the director shot the killed-by-carrot-scene and didn't edited out the only action-scene worth it's name), but I decided to have some fun with the casting at least. I've always enjoyed the casting process and did a lot of it on this movie - at least the smaller supporting roles.

We were making a b-action movie and I felt it needed some star quality from the world of Swedish b-action. So I called in four "legends" from the world of Mats Helge, Arne Mattsson and actually some international productions too. They all did it for free and for the fun of it, and that's about the only thing I think it's worth watching the movie for. Sure, you can find my, my mother, my brothers, my friends and some other fun cameos - but nothing beats the b-movie legends of Swedish action!

Frederick Offrein was first seen in Arne Mattsson's Smutsiga Fingrar (aka Dirty Fingers) in a small part, and some years later he showed up in Mats Helges slasher Blood Tracks (with poodle rockers Easy Action, fun movie). After that he did bigger roles in classics like Fatal Secret, Animal Protector and The Mad Bunch - all with David Carradine as a co-actor. Grottmorden (aka The Forgotten Wells), the hard to find The Hired Gun (Arne Mattsson's last movie) and Russian Terminator ended his career. He was also one of the hotshots in the Stockholm nightlife and owned a famous nightclub and was friend with Sylvester Stallone.

Mats Huddén is probably one of Swedens finest actors, but is seldom used nowadays. Hire him! He did the following productions for Mats Helge: Eagle Island, Silverhawk (with Offrein in the lead by the way, I'm not sure it was released), Spökligan, Animal Protector, The Hired Gun, The Mad Bunch and Russian Terminator. His father, Olof Huddén, was a famous character actor and plays the title role in Arne Mattsson's Ryttare i Blått.

Anders Hellqvist is a legend. He flexed his muscles in several of the worst of Mats Helge's productions: Fatal Secret, Animal Protector, The Mad Bunch and The Forgotten Wells. He's also famous for being the ex-boyfriend of Carola, a christian bitch-singer who is still quite popular in this shithole of a country. But for you who want to take a closer look into the best movie ever made in Sweden, you can find him there as a teenager. I wrote a little bit about this in an older post.

Lars Lundgren was a famous stuntman/coordinator for many years, and in his filmography you can find such classics as Planet of the Apes, Towering Inferno, Thriller - A Cruel Picture, Sharky's Machine, Stroker Ace, Animal Protector, Marital Law, Licence to Kill and Total Recall. You can see him very clearly getting killed by Timothy Dalton in Licence to Kill, he's the first guard to go when Dalton is sneeking abourd the boat to see someone get killed in the air chamber. He was also a good friend of David Carradine and still believes it was the asian mafia that killed him down there in a Bangkok-hotelroom...

So, that's the only reason to watch Farligt Förflutet. And yes, sorry. One of the actors also killed another guy, rolled him inside a carpet and buried him in the forest a couple of years later.

But that's another story...


Anonymous said...

I haven´t seen it. Is it worse than Hassel förgörarna, and Dykarna? Or what about Sköna Juveler? Come to think of it, Lena Nyman almost thrashed the fun movie P&B with her terrible acting as Mia Edling.
But i have to check this movie out.

Ninja Dixon said...

Oh yeah, it's much more worse - in every single detail! Lars Lundgren was stunt coordinator on Dykarna by the way :)

CiNEZiLLA said...

Fucking Hell Mate!
That's one of those great stories risking to go lost forever that I was rambling on about on Friday.

Brilliant post! Wonderfull Read.

Keep up the great work!


Ninja Dixon said...

Thank you J! I wrote it because I know that if there was one, it was you that would appreciate it! :)