Saturday, June 19, 2010

And who shall I thank for all the visitors this week?

I had a lot of visitors this week, more than usual actually. So far today I had what I usual have in 24 hours. So with the help of Google Analytics I could trace the visitors from one site, and most of them wanted to read this review and the rest has been lurking around all over the blog.

Who are they? What do the want? Continue to read and you'll know:

"Your 100% Free Fantasy Female Death Fetish Site is Back! is the place where you can see pictures and engage in the erotic fantasy conversation about women being killed in

Written Stories
All Forms of Art Work

Full of great, friendly understanding Male and Female Members who have the same Adult Female Fantasy death fetish as you. You are welcome to post you own fantasy text story if you like. Most of the men and women of this site are most anxious and willing to share and exchange their sexual fantasieswith you! It's all done in a fun, informative Enviorment!"

Now, I have nothing against it. What ever makes your heart beat a little extra, and as long as they don't kill people for real! I guess they've come to the right place, because there's a terrible lot of women (and men) being killed in the movies I'm watching anyway ;)

After some more research I found that the user "Mauser" saw one of the scenes in the review above, and described it the following way:

"Dear Friends and professionals,

Here is an unknown horror movie scene
discovered upon another blog site.

A naked body pile is fed into a large

Full frontal & powerful to watch."

He wrote that in 2008, and last tuesday he obviously identified the movie thru the help of my little blog. I'm glad I could help with something ;)

But I'm a little worried what he's meaning with "professionals"...


Alex B. said...


David A. Zuzelo said...

Amazing...the Professionals part is what caught my eye. Professional WHAT??
I love it when odd things spark a bunch of traffic!

Jack J said...

Haha, just brilliant.

I get a lot of hits from people looking for porn (i.e. "Danish") or Birte Tove porn. I'm sure they're fairly disappointed when they find out the only Birte Tove films I write about are from Hong Kong. LOL.

Anonymous said...

You're a disgusting, misogynistic pathetic queer. You look like an inbred insect, and you boyfriend look emaciated from HIV. You sit there and look into the people that visit your site? What a no life loser you are!!! hahaha On top of all this your taste in movies is miserable, and uneducated.

Ninja Dixon said...

Don't we all love the friendly people out there on the net? ;)

Jocke Andersson said...

LOL!! Ooooh, people are soooo tough and insightful when they can be anonymous. I guess someone didnt want his own fetish looked into... :)