Sunday, June 6, 2010

No, I haven't deleted my Facebook-account...

...just deactivated it for a while. I feel I need to be away from that place and concentrate on other things, for example this blog, a future business I want to start up, my current job and just TheG and the cat.

The communication-thing can be to much for me sometime. I just don't need so much of it, and it's easier with this blog because it's more or less a one-way-dialogue for me. I write the reviews or whatever and you can comment, but it's such a different thing than being depressed on Facebook, write stupid things and getting more depressed.

What the hell, it's a fantastic Sunday here in Märsta. It's getting closer to 20 degrees celsius and we're planning a picknick. Maybe I will watch some good (or at least entertaining) movie after that. We'll see... :)

1 comment:

Vallaor said...

Good choice. Facebook is overhyped anyway. And blog posts last much longer!