Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Letters to the editor

"You're a disgusting, misogynistic pathetic queer. You look like an inbred insect, and you boyfriend look emaciated from HIV. You sit there and look into the people that visit your site? What a no life loser you are!!! hahaha On top of all this your taste in movies is miserable, and uneducated."

It's always nice to get intelligent response from readers, but this is not one of those readers as you all can understand. But of course, I have a big problem taking anonymous comments seriously, especially if they're just rude and... stupid.

But let's analyze it.

"You're a disgusting, misogynistic pathetic queer"
- Disgusting? Maybe in the morning, before shower. Misogynistic? I guess this is because this person came from this site where they have dead women as wank-objects, and he needs to show his friends there that he is a feminist and really respect women. Queer? This guy must be over 70, who the fuck uses a word like that nowadays?

"You look like an inbred insect"
- I actually can't agree with this. Must be a chubby bug or something then, but it's not specified in the description.

"and you boyfriend look emaciated from HIV"
- Uh! Someone learned a new word, "emaciated". I admit that my dear boyfriend is slim, which is because of 9-10 hour work everyday, 6 days a week and nothing else than coffé, cigarettes and sandwiches during the day. But ey, I love him anyway.

"You sit there and look into the people that visit your site? What a no life loser you are!!!"
- OR maybe I'm interested in my readers, where they come from, who they are, what can I do to make them to stay? Basic business-work. And I have this guys IP-number to (thanks to Statcounter), so maybe I one day can use it for something.

"On top of all this your taste in movies is miserable, and uneducated."
- Oh yeah, a perfect, right-on-the-spot ending of the message ;) If you have nothing to say, just throw out some random bullshit and humiliate yourself. I guess those soon 75000 visits I had on this blog in a little less than a year also has bad taste in movies and is uneducated.

Anyway, nice to met you and try to stay away from dead women, please.


Bert Spoor said...

Ignore those suckers,Fred. Good on you to show his post, so everybody can see the way he thinks and reacts and makes a fool out of himself.. These kind of attacks only makes you stronger, believe me. Real friends will stand by you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, ignore those bastards. Just fuck it! They a losers nothing else. Keep on doing what you do.

By the way, you should take a look at a low budget horror movie "Madness" from 2010. If you haven´t checked it out yet, I can really recommend it for some cheesy fun. I think it was made by som Swedes if I´m not mistaken!?

Andrew Leavold said...

Amazing how a bit of detective work on your part shines a light on these mean-spirited and cowardly fuckers. I wonder what that corpse-fiddler will make of MY blog? Now THAT I'm looking forward to...over to you, Mauser...

Anonymous said...

"You sit there and look into the people that visit your site? What a no life loser you are!!!"

....in that case: what a pathetic loser he(?) is for even caring to wright you a comment.
Good work on your blog Fred! Keep the good stuff coming.

CiNEZiLLA said...


...What a knob.

Anonymous said...

Duh! Who needs to get a life? Just ignore them.

Jimmy said...

Some people are pathetic Fred and it's great you show how pathetic they are. This the reason why I don't accept anonymous comments on my blog and use a strong moderation in the comments. Of course your choice of film isn't miserable (since I won't read you). I wonder how he would find my taste, but I won't never know since I don't accept anonymous comments (if someone can't reveal his/her identity I don't think his/her opinion worth my time).

Continue your great works Fred!

Ninja Dixon said...

Thanks for your support guys! I really appreciate it! I'm happy to have such people as you around this blog! :)

And to prove to the corpse-fiddler that I have a great taste in movies, I just posted a review of Species II ;)

The-Vagina-Finda said...

the guy is a moron, obviously.. but i do have to agree with him on your taste in movies. you really are uneducated, and your extremely bizarre and unconventional taste in movies tend to really suck at times.. i feel like beating you up with my computer-keyboard for making me watch "Bloody Parrot", you fuck..
anyway, all respect to you and your blog, it's really fun and interesting to read - and i have seen some cool movies lately too, because of it

raculfright_13 said...

haha that was the most pathetic hate comment ever, whoever this person is really needs to get a life and grow the fuck up.

Oh, and your film taste is not bad at all :]

Anonymous said...

Oh shit!!! lol This guy hit the nail on the head!!