Friday, June 25, 2010

The Art of buying Eurocult (and other genres) from Thailand!

Well, because of me it’s no art anymore. Because here you have a huge list of interesting movies to buy from!

I buy a lot directly from Thailand. It’s often cheap (free worldwide shipping!), good quality (no bootlegs here) and a lot of gorgeous covers. But as often in Thai-store there’s chaos, and this is a guide to help you find some very nice movies. I will concentrate on this store, because I’ve been shopping there a lot and it’s always a pleasure and great service. If you’re into modern creature features (like I am) and modern Russian blockbusters you will find tons of movies here too, but now it’s Eurocult, seventies action and thrillers and other movies that can be of interest for you out there.

I have no idea why, but you will finds a huge amount euro-westerns in Thailand. Check it out. I will buy a couple of them, for example Lucio Fulcis Massacre Time and some stuff by Castellari.

I've just copied the titles, so I haven't bothered with correcting the spelling.

Adventure and War

Arabian Adventure
5 For Hell
Cross Of Iron
The Last Hunter
Shout at the Devil
The Adventurers
Operation Crossbow
The Dirty Bastard
The Mercenaries


Jack J said...

I've been using eThaiCD for 15 years now and I agree it's a great store, LOL.

However, I would also strongly recommend ThaiCdExpress. They are just as good and they often have stuff eThaiCD doesn't have. They don't have free postage but their prices are lower so they're on level anyway. And if you buy a handful of titles it actually becomes cheaper (not that anybody really needs it as the prices are so low anyway!).

Ninja Dixon said...

Correct Jack!
When I can't find what I want on eThaiCD, I'll go to ThaiCdExpress :)

Jack J said...

Great list, by the way!

And also, the Italian Killer Crocodile 1 & 2, Washing Machine, and Martin Schmidt's Kat are also on Thai DVD. :D.

And they've got a cool release of Cannibal Holocaust with blood-splatter on the cover. xD.

Anonymous said...

Do they have any actionflicks with Belmondo?

Ninja Dixon said...

They have three, all are in the list :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, will order right now.

WiseKwai said...

These titles from the Triple X label are great. I've been buying whatever I can from the Boomerang store or at Mangpong.

They even have blaxploitation: Truck Turner!

Also a handful of kung-fu and wuxia titles like Dragon Gate Inn, but they usually don't have English subs. But then others, like Ninja in the Dragon's Den, will have the Chinese soundtrack, plus English and Thai dub and subtitles.

Fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

Which payingmethod do you use on this site? Visa or Paypal?

Jack J said...

It's stated right on their front page. ;-)

CiNEZiLLA said...

Neato! So now it's a test run from Thailand then... :)
Thanx for sharing !


Anonymous said...

Just ordered those three with Belmondo, nice.

xanthor fek said...

I tried to order from these thai online shops a few years ago (and I was ordering about a dozen titles) and they refused to sell to Turkey-- and now explanation was given.

Nekoneko said...

Yep, eThai is great, but one thing to consider before buying... While the price is hard to beat, most of those Euro films will be the Thai edited version as released in their cinema and may be missing some "juicy bits"...

As an example.. the Japanese film "Azumi" lost nearly 15 minutes of footage in the Thai version.

Still... as a way to snag some stuff that never makes it's way to your part of the world in any form, edited or not, they can be a very nice resource indeed!

Ninja Dixon said...

Nekoneko, thanks for the comment :)

I bought a lot, a lot from Thailand, but the only censorship I've noticed in a few cases is digital blurring on gun against head. And has only been in Thai movies.

Nekoneko said...

Hehehe... I must just be the unlucky one then...

For the most part the Thai versions of non-Thai films have been great, but I've hit a few weird exceptions.

The version of "KM 31" a Spanish ghost/ horror film for example springs to mind... The Thai version comes with a Thai dubbed audio track of course, and a French track... but strangely enough the original Spanish one is completely missing! Ahhh... and the English subtitles mentioned on the sleeve... are nowhere to be found at all. Unfortunately, eThai didn't catch that until after I picked up mine fro them.... D'oh!! But I can't really say that was their fault.

Still... I can recommend them for their service, speed, and accuracy for the most part, and for Thai films themselves, they are stellar!

Jack J said...

In Thai movies they're not allowed to show guns or knives pointed at heads, nor are they allowed to smoke or drink alcohol. It's weird; I've got this one VCD where someone smokes, drinks and threatens someone with a machete - and it's all digitally fogged out. o_O

Mats said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you

Ninja Dixon said...

My pleasure Mats!

Jack, do you have links to any Thai stores the sells the Killer Crocodile movies and Washing Machine? I know I can get them at eBay, but I they are most of the time twice as expensive then.

Jack J said...

I certainly do. I've actually mentioned this store several times on my blog. Don't you read every word I write!!! Haha. No worries.

You can get them from an eBay store called "TK Worldwide" which is run by an American called Tom who lives in Thailand with his wife Kat.

I bought all three films from them but "Washing Machine" is sold at the moment. They encourage that people write and ask about specific films as they can often find them.

The direct link to Killer Croc 1 & 2 is here:

And if you'd like to know more about Tom & Kat:


Jack J said...

PS: And I know you asked for a store to get them NOT on eBay but sorry I don't know of any.

Ninja Dixon said...

Haha, I guess I have to buy them on ebay anway :) Thanks Jack!

Ninja Dixon said...

Sad news, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang does not include neither english language track or english subtitles. Only Thai and Italian. But eThaiCD states other facts.

I've emailed the owner to make him change this.

Boring, because the print looks excellent.

Ninja Dixon said...

According to Vaultkeeper, "Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh" has english language.