Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just go to Onar Films and buy a dvd... or two... or three... or...

Sorry for the silence here. I'm quite tired of writing and I haven't been watching any movies too. Just don't feel for it and I think writing about something you love should come naturally and not being forced. But don't worry, don't feel to alone. I'll be back as soon as possible - maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. I'll see.

But in the meantime, go to Onar Films and buy one of this fantastic, amazing, cool releases! This is stuff that you probably don't own, but should own! I've been reviewing some of his releases, and read and feel inspired:

Altin Cocuk 

The Dead Don't Talk

Kilink vs Superman

Thirsty of love, sex and murder

These are just a few of his fantastic line of übercool Turkish movies on DVD. We're talking rare stuff here, very rare stuff! Right now he has some cool prices to, which could be could for you who are scared about new stuff and don't want to pay to much. These are amazing prices, and whatever they cost, they're worth every penny! For example:




Ah, what the heck! Just go to his page, check out his releases and buy, buy and buy. You won't regret it. EVERYTHING is worth buying. Not kidding here.

And another thing, spread the word about Onar Films. Link to his site, review his releases, buy his movies. 

Today I made an order myself actually, on Kadin Dusmani (Woman Despiser), a Turkish "giallo" and of course the movie everybody should own: 3 Dev Adam! Awesome stuff!


Jay said...

3 DEV ADAM and KILINK are essential for every home!

Nick Nicholson said...

No need to force yourself! That is counter productive. BTW I got the DVD you sent yesterday! Thanks!!!

dfordoom said...

I think it would be impossible for me to resist a movie with a title like Thirsty of love, sex and murder.

Do their movies have English sub-titles?

Nekoneko said...

ubtitles? Oh my, yes... Onar always makes certain to subtitle his releases into english. Yay for him!!

This lil' girl has lots of his stuff and it's all excellently done, even when the master prints look a bit dog-eared he goes the extra step to clean them up during the mastering process.

A class act all the way and the only guy I know making an effort to save rare old Turkish film from vanishing into obscurity.

dfordoom said...

Sounds like I'll have to check them out. The only Turkish films I've seen were two put out by Mondo Macabro - Tarkan vs The Vikings and The Deathless Devil. And they were tremendous fun.