Friday, May 28, 2010

3 Dev Adam (1973)

Ya know, sometimes I have periods when I find it very hard to write about movies, yes even watch movies. Since my last review I've only watched too movies (both Hollywood stuff) and just didn't give a fuck about all those hundreds of movies I really should watch. But today 3 Dev Adam arrived from Onar Films in Greece, just a couple of days after I ordered it - and what a relief. I'm not sure about the story, but I think IMDB says it quite good: "Istanbul is being terrorized by a crime wave, and the police call in American superhero Captain America and Mexican wrestler Santo to put a stop to it.". But this little resume leaves out that the bad guys is Spiderman! Well, he's called The Spider or Green Maniac in the movie, but he's basically a pot-belly version of Spiderman - but with huge eyebrows and slightly different colors on his tight, all to revealing, Spiderman-dress. 

We're not talking high art here, but when it comes to pure craziness, a wacky superhero-sillython - this and Tarkan vs The Vikings is the movies you should see if you have all braincells left. You might loose some when watching this fascinating story about Spiderman stealing statues, killing a lot of people and Santos and Captain America getting into a lot of funny fights. For me, as a fight-fetischist, this is a dream come true. All those classic Turk-moves are here, wild stunts and weird acrobatics. It's colorful and violent, a bit bloody and very silly inbetween. One of the strangest scenes is when Santos, in his human form of course, is taking a shower alone - wearing his underwears on! I can understand if the actor don't want to show his thingie to the crew - but why don't just film in from the waist up? He also glances into the camera directly after coming out from the shower, so what we have here is a shy Santos. Very shy.

Like Tarkan vs The Vikings there's a lot of red theatrical blood running over the screen. Not much, but a woman is getting her face/head chopped of with a boat propeller (off screen, but with blood spraying on the legs of the evil girlfriend of Spiderman), a man getting his eyes eaten by a guinea pig, a violent stabbing in a shower - complete with a close-up of the blood running down the drain. The actors are actually quite good and brings a lot of energy and some kinda seriousness to the characters. The two heroes, Aytekin Akkaya and Yavuz Selekman, is in great shape and makes a great job in the action scenes. Another favorite, Altan Günbay, shows up as a baddie too!

Onar Films brings us 3 Dev Adam in the best shape it's ever been in. Not perfect of course, because the movie is so damn obscure and no negatives probably left. But the quality is good and the colors strong. As usual the menu and cover is fantastic, and fits the movie perfectly - but the highlight (except the movie itself of course) is three amazing interviews. This is a stellar DVD release and it seem like Onar Films has a couple of copies left - so get it NOW.


Anonymous said...

Ninja,Great review,My favourite part is when the couple making love in a bathtub get killed with a giant doner kebab skewer by Spiderman. Also the part with the puppets laughing whilst evil spidey and his girlfriend are having it off.Great trash classic.Hopefully they'll remake it someday with Kilink included and call it 4 Dev Adam.Kilink & evil Spidey versus Santo and Captain Americano.Thanks

dfordoom said...

Tarkan vs The Vikings is one of my all-time favourites! Any movie that can compare with that one has to be worth seeing.

Anonymous said...

The biggest mystery about this movie is why it hasn't sold out yet !!! Get it now from Onar or you'll regret it later.