Sunday, May 2, 2010

Movie within movie: Co-Ed Frenzy

Brian De Palma, a director I admire a lot, also seem to admire "b-movies", sleaze and exploitation like no one else. His movies are often like big-budget stylish b-movies, and in at least two productions he also used the old Movie Within Movie-concept.

In Blow Out, the excellent thriler with John Travolta, our hero is a sound editor for a very sleazy slasher titled "Co-Ed Frenzy". Some critics make this to be some reference to John Carpenter's Halloween, but we who have seen more than one slasher can see how it makes fun of/celebrates all the rip-offs that came afterwards. "Co-Ed Frenzy" has a lot of nudity, a killer that looks like a mix between Stephen King and a random janitor and a sleazy feeling that actually beats a lot of the real movies out there.

Every time I see it, I wish that it existed for real and that Code Red would release a newly remastered version of it with commentary track and funny anecdotes by the guy playing the killer, John Coppolino Jr.


CiNEZiLLA said...

That's a great theme for a long and prospering thread!
I'll be looking forward to reading more of these!



dfordoom said...

I'm a total Brian de Palma fanboy (apart from The Untouchables which I detested), but I haven't yet caught up with Blow Out. But it sounds like a must-see, just for the sake of Co-Ed Frenzy!