Friday, March 12, 2010

Masters of the Pyuniverse!

Yes, the blog you all need, "The Pyuniverse - The Weird Worlds of Albert Pyun", is up and running! Right now it's me and Dave Z, but we're waiting for more Pyun-fans to grace this world with more reviews, news, fun and facts. The man has a lot of movie to take from and when he now starts to churn out more interesting stuff, it feels like at least one blog need to keep a good eye on what's happening out in the Pyuniverse.

My plan first is to transfer my reviews from this blog there, but also write my own introduction to why I've been so fond of Mr Pyun and his movies over the years. 

If you want to join, feel free to contact David Z or let me know and I'll give him the information! 


Jack J said...

Good on ya!
You might wanna consider putting up a link to this cool interview Brian did with Pyun over at "Cool Ass Cinema" blog a couple months back:

Jack J said...


For some reason the first link doesn't work. This one does: