Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hey, do you want a DVD for free?

Hey, do you want a DVD for free? Yes, a real movie! Well, I would like to give away a couple of DVDs, but I have some demands on you before that. But first some short background history.

In 2004 me and Markus Widegren decided we wanted to make a movie. None of us is newbies when it comes to movies, but we wanted to make something with more freedom. No one to tell us what to do, what to write, what to say... nothing. So together with a lot of good friends, new and old, we prepared Kraftverk 3714 for one-two months and then shot it in thirty days. It became a monster of a movie. I never cared about "kill your darlings" and in this case I don't think Markus cared so much about that either.

Anyway, we had a big, juicy release with party and everything, and a little DVD-company released it in a special edition here in Sweden, but with english subtitles on everything. It won some prices too:

Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre (Brazil) - Best director, best actor
Il Ritorno dei Corti Viventi (Italy) - Best special effects

Not bad, eh? It also got a lot of good and positive reviews (and toured festivals everywhere!) outside of Sweden, you never become a prophet in your own country as the old greeks say.

So I recommend you to read the synopsis and check the trailer... and then you might own yourself a copy of this rare OOP movie.

"Surrounded by endless forest, close by a river, a small community exists where everyone seems to lead idyllic lives.

After a few years away, Johanna returns to the village, and becomes aware that things have changed.

William, a writer, has inherited his grandfathers house. Gradually, he starts to get the feeling that the circumstances surrounding Vladimir’s death are more complicated than they initially appear.

For unexplained reasons, villagers have been disappearing. Johanna’s mother, Elisabeth, seems to be losing her mind. Fear is spreading through in the community, and strange things start to take place in William’s basement.

Someone has opened the portal to another world, a dimension not easily understood. And in the middle of the village lies the old power station and its thundering water-turbines.

"Kraftverk 3714" is a movie that defies being put into a category or genre with ease. The film contains powerful, potent, and persuasive imagery. Prepare yourself for a couple of hours of entertainment that will remain in your body and your mind for a long time after."

So, how can you get this DVD? Filled with tons of extras and of course English subtitles? I will send anywhere in the world. Don't be shy. Here's my suggestion:

Email me and I will choose a couple of persons from different countries - write your country-name in the head of the mail, and please see if you fit into my profile:

1. You should be a blogger and we would love if you wrote a review of the movie. Please.

2. To be honest, you don't have to like the movie. You can loath it. But try some constructive critism :)

3. Write in your own language if you want to. We would LOVE if someone from Asia wrote about it, because thats the only area in the world where no one knows about it (but Takashi Miike owns a copy of it, but that was the last thing we heard from him!).

That's it. And remember, don't expect Evil Dead. This is quite arty. But it includes huge explosions, flying people, nudity, some gore, dreams and hallucinations and a couple of to talky scenes.

So, I'm waiting for your mails! Mail to

AND just so you know, I can't send to everyone (I don't have SO many DVDs) - but if there will be to many, I'll just grab a couple and send - so it's nothing personal you don't get a copy! :)




Patryk said...

Wow, that's something I should definitely try :)

I was searching for some not-so-well-known Swedish movies recently and I even paid more attention to "Kraftverk 3714" but I didn't link it to you until now.

Maybe I will try to be more careful while watching "Du levande" next time ;)

Ninja Dixon said...

Patryk: well, just email me (the mail is almost the last thing in my post) and I'm sure we could fix it for you :)

Fredrik said...

Mail sent...

Jocke Andersson said...

Well, we who already own the movie, what do WE GET?!?!?! ;)

Jack J said...

Niice offer! As I'm sure you remember I've already mentioned wanting to get your movie a couple of times. xD

And seeing as I'm broke and job-less now (please, anybody, hire me!! Have sword, will travel!!) obviously I'd love a copy. :D

So is this a re-print of the subbed version or what? Didn't you mention at some stage that the only one available was a non-subbed version?

lizzardking said...

A very nice gesture! So i did send an email and if i should be one of the lucky ones. Make it a signed copy, please! :D

Ninja Dixon said...

Jack: Well, my distributor had a bunch of them in the basement, the special edition with subtitles - so that's why I'm giving them away :)

Lizzard: We'll see what we can do about that! ;)

Nick Nicholson said...

Hey Freddie,

I have sent my email! I want to see it!

Olof Gudmundson said...

Hello Fred,
how are you these days!? Jag skriver på engelska för att det e en engelsk blogg ;) Anyway, I know I won't qualify for a free movie, since I don't have a blog or anything. I'd love to see your movie though, since I haven't. Where can I buy the special edition?

And when is Ninja Mission 2000 coming out?

Lots of love / Olof Gudmundson