Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ego-weekend: two interviews with me!

Yes, some days you just can't get rid of a bomb. Or at least stay away from being interviewed. I haven't been interviewed for many years, so it felt great to get some good and interesting questions for once, from two great blogs out there. First out was Trashfilmaddict with an english-language interview, and you can all read it here. It deals more about my past filmmaking in general.

The second one is on a Swedish blog (so the interview is in Swedish), and it's easy to read here. It's mainly about Camp Slaughter, the ill-received Swedish slasher that still is referred to as one of the worst Swedish movies ever made. I have a quite big part, but gets killed off after 50 minutes.

So, read and learn something more about your favorite über-ninja ;)


David A. Zuzelo said...

Pure Ninja Excellence!

mamoulian said...

I took the liberty to post my old review of Camp Slaughter on my new blog at "Voices from the Pit" - it's the one I wrote for the early Darkdisc site, I'm sure you remember... ;-)

lizzardking said...

One day i´m gonna steal your dance moves from this movie, count on that!

Once again, thanks for your time :D

forestofthedead said...

I liked Camp Slaughter so much I read the first interview and then had the second translated to English by my web browser and read it too. To learn so much about you is very cool. You're a star in my opinion.

Fred said...

Awww, no... I'm not a star man, but I'm happy you enjoyed the interviews and even Camp Slaughter! :)