Monday, March 22, 2010

Farewell, Terminator (1987)

Here we have an odd little movie. Farewell, Terminator was Isaac Florentine's first official movie and it's something so weird as a cyborg-martial arts-futuristic movie about Israel! It's only 27 minutes long, but still shows Florentines talent for stylish action and nice production values for very little money. Or... well, the production value is rundown buildings, destroyed cars and a lot of dust - like all post-apocalyptic movies from this time.

Yaakov Yaakobson is Dror, a police that works in the worst neighbourhoods in his country. When he killed enough criminals he get's a free passport out of the country... and now that times has come. But by mistake he discovers that there's a price on his head, and it's the police that's behind it all! Why?

It's a nice story actually, not bad at all - and very typical short film subject. The concept has been used before, but with different twists, and this is one that I like. It feels logical for once. Florentine fills the screen with ruins and old cars, lots of concrete and dust, and in this some good and violent action sequences. The first fight is a bit silly, with to much speed up to make it look serious, but the second one between Dror and one of the criminals looks great and is very brutal. I can see how he got the chance of directing bigger movies after just this little scene.

But the story focuses on the drama and the secret behind it all, even here Florentine manages to hold up a good pace and brings some good performances from the actors. I'm happy I finally got to see Isaac Florentines debute movie and it's a pity it's not easier to find. It could have been a perfect bonus movie on one of his feature length movies. If you get a chance to see it, take it - and I'm quite sure you will like it, at least if you are fans of obscure post-apocalypse or the talent of one of the best action directors in the world right now!

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